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KU participation in "Red List Training Workshop"

isms | 29 July, 2009 09:31

Four participants (Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma, Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha, Dr.Chhatra Mani Sharma, and Hasko Nesseman) participated in “Eastern Himalayas Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment Red List Training Workshop” organized by IUCN in Kathmandu, Nepal from 22-26 July 2009. The workshop was attended by professionals from different parts of the world. The main objective of the workshop was to assess the status of different species from fish, odonata and mollusca from eastern Himalayas and assign them a category in Red Data List. Different working groups were formed for fish, odonata and mollusca assessment and put the data on the IUCN Species Information Service (SIS).

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