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International Seminar on “Solar Photovoltaic Systems: An Alternate solution for the Growing Energy Demand”

isms | 18 December, 2011 12:25

International Seminar on  “Solar Photovoltaic Systems: An Alternate solution for the Growing Energy Demand”

The interest in the use of renewable energy services has grown dramatically during the past few years. Renewable energy sources include mostly biomass, solar energy, wind and hydropower. The uses of solar photovoltaic has become synonymous with renewable energy and are most applicable in rural and remote areas that have no access to electricity grids-places that are often the habitat of poor people in developing countries. Many developing countries are now looking to expand and enhance the use of solar photovoltaic technologies. However, many challenges, constraints and barriers remain, to the use of solar photovoltaic systems and promotion of associated technologies. Policy and planning frameworks are required to promote institutional awareness and innovation of solar photovoltaic systems in the public and private sectors.

It has been felt by all the sectors that the solar photovoltaic technology can play an important role of fulfilling the growing needs of energy of the technologically advanced world of today. In the context of environmental, social, political and economic concerns that are highlighting a stronger case for cleaner and more efficient energy, there is a growing prospect for solar photovoltaic systems. With the view of providing a platform to explore the new areas of research and development, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DoEEE), Kathmandu University and Alternative Energy Promotion Center/ Energy Sector Assistance Programme (AEPC/ESAP), Khumaltar, Lalitpur jointly organized “The International Seminar on Solar Photovoltaic Systems: An Alternate Solution for the Growing Energy Demand” on December 11 and 12, 2011.

The program commenced with the inaugural session in which Prof Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Kathmandu University, presented his inaugural speech. After the inaugural ceremony, Senior Officer of AEPC, Mr. Ram Prasad Dhital, presented welcome speech, Objective of the Program is expressed by Mr. Brijesh Adhikari, Coordinator, Department of EEE, KU. This was followed by Mr. Hira KC, President, SEMAN, Mr. Niels Juhl Thomsen, Chief Advisor, ESAP, Dr. Narayan Prasad Chaulagain, Executive Director, AEPC. At the closing of the inaugural session vote of thanks is expressed by Mr. Madhusudan Adhikari, Manager SEC, AEPC/ESAP. As a key note speaker Prof. Dr. Jagannath Shrestha , IoE, TU, Nepal,   Mr. Debajit Palit , TERI, India, and Mr. Niels Juhl Thomsen, Chief Advisor,   shared their  expertise in Managing Load Shedding , Solar PV based lighting in South Asia Region  and Economics of  Renewable Energy respectively. In the first day of program two technical sessions were completed, first session was Chaired by Prof. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma, IoE, TU and Rapported by Mr. Mukesh Ghimire, AEPC; four papers related to sharing of international  experiences in solar photovoltaic technology and implementation was presented. Second session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Bhupendra Bimal Chhetri, DoEEE, KU and Rapported by Mr. Amit Tamang, KU; four papers related to Nepalese case study and findings were presented. In the inaugural session 318 people participated, which includes guests form KU, AEPC, National and International Universities, Engineering College, Industry, Government Organization, Private Companies and Individual Participation. There was an enthusiastic participation from SEMEN.

The second day program commenced with the third technical session in which key note speech was given by Md. Ahsan Ullah Bhuiyan, Grammen Shakti, Bangladesh, he shared his idea about paving the way for a Green and Sustainable Future. After that second key note speech was given by Mr. Qamar Uddin, Winrock International, Pakistan, he shared his experiences with Solar PV Implementation in Pakistan, this session was Chaired by Prof. Dr. Fayaz Khan, Head of department EEE, UIU, Bangladesh and Rapported by Mr. Chaitanya Prakash Chaudhary, AEPC; five papers are presented in this session, out of five paper four are core scientific and technical paper and one was related to Policy and Findings of PV Systems. Key note speech in Forth session related to research and development in solar photovoltaic was expressed by Mr. Shariar  Ahmed Chaudhary, Bangladesh and this session was Chaired by Mr. Debajit Palit , TERI, India and Rapported by Mr. Madhav Prasad Pandey, KU; four papers was presented in this session. Out of four three papers are related to Policy and Practices in Nepal and one was core scientific paper related to solar photovoltaic. There were altogether seventeen papers presented in the seminar which were divided among four technical sessions. During the closing session, SEEE also organized a formal program of launching the student’s magazine called Encipher 2011.

At the end of the program, closing remarks were expressed by National and International Participants, representatives from Solar Industry and Sponsors and also by Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, Dean, School of Engineering, KU. Finally, the session was closed by the session chair Dr. Narayan Prasad Chaulagain, Executive Director, AEPC. The program was jointly hosted by Ms. Manya Gautam and Mr. Diwakar Bhujel.

There was an enthusiastic participation of national and international participants from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Australia, Indonesia, Zambia, Singapore and Thailand. This program was jointly funded by Prime sponsor VOLTA, Bangladesh, LASERSUN Energy Pvt. Ltd., Nepal, and co-sponsored by GRUNDFOS, SUNDAYA, and SUNTECH Energy Co. Pvt. Ltd..  It was supported by the volunteers form SEEE, NOMA & MEEPE Students from Kathmandu University and was coordinated by Mr. Shailendra Kumar Jha, Mr. Diwakar Bhujel and Mr. Brajesh Mishra. The program was a successful event with the team work of the organizing members of DoEEE, KU and AEPC/ESAP.

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