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Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) from Hunan University, China

isms | 02 June, 2019 10:36

Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) from Hunan University, China


Since Kathmandu University and Hunan University have established a good cooperative relationship, Hunan University is offering some CSC scholarships  for the students recommended by Kathmandu University this year. The majors are as follows,


1.      Two scholarships for Applied Economy, Master or Ph.D;

2.      One scholarship for Computer Science and Technology, Master or Ph.D;

3.      One scholarship for Business Administration, Master or Ph.D;

4.      One scholarship for Chemistry, Ph.D;

5.      One scholarship for Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D;


Interested KU graduates/Alumni are informed to send the application along with documents by Email to the address below. The deadline is 4th June.


Recommendation will be based on application received on or before 3rd June 4 pm only, highest CGPA received in Undergraduate and/or Graduate level, as applicable.

Please note that Recommendation does not ensure admission granted.


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