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New Year Greetings from the Vice-Chancellor

isms | 30 December, 2018 19:48

Opening Newer Vistas to Expand our Horizons

30 December 2018

Dear Kathmandu University Family,

As we begin the New Year 2019, it is time for us to reflect upon the past and set some clear directions for the future. We made major achievements in 2018 and set strong foundations for the upcoming years.

We signed some landmark, novel agreements like the collaboration with Khopasi Hydropower and Institute for Integrated Development Studies and built new models of partnership. Through various programs we are leading, we were successful in awarding more than 20 million rupees in research funding to researchers from KU and other Nepalese institutions. The flagship project of reconstructing Tripurasundari Temple Complex to house our Department of Music is in full swing and, upon completion, will represent one of its kinds in the world. We also brought new members in our leadership and saw a historic number of promotions of our faculty, thus creating a new team of emerging leaders in our institution. We are committed to the timely upgrading of deserving faculty and staffs in coming years as well.

It was also a year we saw an unprecedented expansion of our international collaborations. After leading the ‘University of Washington-Nepal Global Health Symposium’ in Seattle in April, we set out to open major avenues of partnerships with US Universities. Our collaborations with neighboring countries also expanded this year. In a worldwide evaluation, the KU-Confucius Institute received Confucius Institute of the Year award. In one year, we signed Memoranda of Understanding with 25 international universities. We are determined to have these relationships active and enriching to all. In addition to hosting the prestigious Asian Universities Forum, attended by the leaders of 26 eminent Universities in Asia, we also organized more than two dozen national and international conferences and workshops in topics including constitutional law, global health, climate change, renewable energy, biotechnology, transformative education research and sustainable development, policy, information technology, management, business development, translational research, etc.

We couldn’t have ended our year better than by launching the first supercomputer at the Information Technology Park. All these examples represent just a small fraction of what we have accomplished. Our students, staffs, faculty, leadership, well-wishers and supporters deserve special thanks and congratulations for yet another successful year in our history. I cannot explain how humbled I am to be the team leader of this outstanding family.

As we continue to commit to the directions laid out in KU Silver Jubilee Initiatives -- Quality, Impact, Equity, Global Engagement, Innovation and Identity -- we reaffirm the vision that our founders saw in dedicating this institution for ‘Quality Education for Leadership’. We are glad to have started the tradition of honoring distinguished alumnus of each school this year.  In 2019, we will focus in reaching out to our alumni and Nepalese diaspora to engage them better in our institution and in Nepal. We believe they will be strong allies in advancing our goals of bringing classrooms from campus to the communities and in building our institutional capacity. We will also work in the structural changes of our organization to better facilitate its growth and seize the momentum of our team and the country.

In this institution, we have always nurtured the culture of proactively exploring possibilities and creating opportunities rather than waiting for them. In this pursuit, let us welcome creative discourses, constructive criticisms and a tradition of healthily challenging each other to unleash the best of us all. Let us step into the New Year with a breath of fresh air filled with hope, optimism, friendship, humility and renewed commitments.

Let us open newer vistas to expand our horizons.


Happy New Year 2019  !



Prof. Dr. Ram KM Shrestha
Kathmandu University

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