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Dr. Thapa published a research article

isms | 04 April, 2018 09:00

Dr. Gunjan Bisht Thapa, Assistant Professor of Department of Chemical Science and Engineering with her student Ms. Sanjila Neupane of Department of Environment Science and Engineering, published a research article entitled “Arsenic removal through supercritical carbon dioxide-assisted modified magnetic starch (starch–Fe3O4) nanoparticles” in  a peer reviewed journal Nanotechnology for Environmental Engineering (Springer).

This study employs starch as biopolymer for coating onto MNPs (Fe3O4) surface and reports a noble method for preparation of starch-modified magnetic nanoparticles (starch-MNPs) in supercritical carbon dioxide reactor. The adsorption capacity of synthesized NPs for arsenite    [As (III)] was investigated by varying pH, temperature, adsorbent dose and analyte concentration as a function of contact time. Besides, reusability study of synthesized NPs was estimated and was utilized in field samples to compare their efficacy in total arsenic removal.

The paper is available at the given link:




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