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Result of JST Science Sakura Plan

isms | 09 November, 2017 16:01

Notice on JST Sakura Science Plan at Ehime University


A)                   Selected Student Name list

B)                   Faculty application announcement

A)    A) Following Candidates are selected for the JST Sakura Plan, to be conducted at Ehime University Kathmandu University.



Name of Student


Bhuwan Paudel


Subhekshya Shrestha


Nivesh Dugar


Dikshya Dahal










The Students are requested to contact for their participation by 12th November, 2017 at block 2, Office of External Affairs and Global Engagement, Kathmandu University.

Waiting List      (Incase the above students couldn’t confirm by 12th November, 2017)


Name of Student


Kshitiz Shrestha


Milu Tripathi

B)    B) Faculty Application for JST Sakura Science plan.

Faculties from related discipline are invited to apply for “Young Leaders' Workshop Training on Geo-Disaster Science and Mitigation Technologies” in Japan under JST Sakura Science Plan. The workshop training will be held from 1 – 9 Feb 2018 at Ehime University, Japan.

Role: - To lead the selected students and make proper reporting and arrangement during the workshop and training program in Japan.


1.       The applicant should never have been to Japan.

2.       Must be younger than 40 years of age.

3.       Must satisfy condition as set  ToR issued by JST Sakura Science Plan.


Process: - Submit an application with letter of interest mentioning reasons of eligibility for the program. The letter needs to be forwarded through the respective Dean’s offices to the office of External Affairs and Global Engagement at Kathmandu University by 12 November, 2017.

Note: - One faculty member will be selected by the JST Sakura science plan selection committee.  

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