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Undergraduate Admission from EoI Waiting List in Engineering

isms | 09 November, 2017 13:54

09 November 2017



(Admission from EoI Waiting List)


This is to notify that applicants indicated in the attached program-wise document verification and admission lists are selected for document verification and admission in the undergraduate programs of School of Engineering of Kathmandu University. Selected applicants are required to contact concerned department for document verification and admission by 3:00 PM, 10 November 2017. The verified candidates may complete the admission procedure by 3:00 PM, 12 November 2017. Please refer to earlier notices or contact respective department for verification and admission procedure.


As indicated in the program-wise lists, waiting candidates are also advised to contact the concerned department by 3:00 PM 10 November 2017 for their possibility of admission. Further, if there are no waiting candidates in any program and seat is still vacant, new Expression of Interest may be submitted by any eligible candidates who fulfil the minimum requirement for admission by 3:00 PM 10 November 2017.


As per the decision of the Admission Committee of the School, there will be no admission in any program of School of Engineering beyond 12 November 2017, Sunday due to attendance requirement and teaching advancement in the programs.



·         In the event that erroneous information or invalid documents have been provided by the applicant, intentionally or otherwise, the applicant will be rejected and admission offer will be invalidated.

·         Request for the extension of the deadline will not be considered.

·         The bank at KU will be open till 3:00 PM on working days except Friday.

·         Candidates submitting withdrawal request after admission in the list will not be entitled to get any refund.

·         The admission offer is invalid if the candidate is already enrolled or enrolled-and-withdrawn admission, or submitted EoI in multiple numbers in undergraduate programs of School of Science and School of Engineering of Kathmandu University this year.


School of Engineering

  #  Document verification and admission lists

  1. EE Communications and Power and Control
  2. ME (Automobile, Design, Energy, Hydro)
  3. Architecture
  4. Chemical Engineering 



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