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Mr. Koirala Participated in XIV Theory/Praxix Course

editorial | 25 July, 2016 18:46

Mr. Punya Prasad Koirala, Lecturer at Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering, participated and presented talks in seminars on “Secularism and Metaphysics of Presence” in  the XIV Theory/Praxix Course held at University of Hyderabad, India, during 6 June to 2 July 2016. The Course was organized by Forum on Contemporary Theory (FCT). 

FCT has been conducting an intensive Theory/Praxis Course since 2003 for the benefit of scholars across disciplines who are interested in new developments in theory and application. The Course included intensive textual readings in specific areas, supported by seminars and talks on broader but related issues. 

The Forum, which has completed 25 years of its existence, is a member of the Consortium of the Humanities Centers  and Institutes (CHCI), so far the only member from South Asia.

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