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Talk Program on Sustaining Cultural Heritage through Digital Preservation

editorial | 20 June, 2016 08:55

Talk Program on

Sustaining Cultural Heritage through Digital Preservation


Department of Computer Science and Engineering is organizing a talk program on “Sustaining Cultural Heritage through Digital Preservation”. The speaker is Mr. Sujan Shrestha, Assistant Professor, Division of Science, Information Arts and Technologies, University of Baltimore.

The schedule of the program is as follows:

Date: 22nd June, 2016 (8th Asadh, 2073)

Venue: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Block-14, Room-3

Time: 10:00 -12:00

This program is open to all faculties/ staff/ students of Kathmandu University.


(Synopsis of Talk)

The limitless scope of modern science and digital technology today makes it an ideal choice for many tasks in the area of digital preservation and conservation. Much of the cultural content in recent history is created and documented through scanning and modeling while traditionally it was documented through drawings, manuscripts and photo imaging. Like any medium, this process of documentation has impacted the representation of history and time through interpretation and cultural awareness. Although, the use of virtual reality in archaeology and art history seems like a tangible path, constructing and digitally preserving cultural heritage is a challenging task. Methods of preservation, cost and metadata and archiving techniques need careful analysis for historical accuracy. Virtual reality provides an ideal platform to synthesize these accuracies and transform these techniques into reliable information/technology that has the potential to unleash new innovation and discoveries. It brings an array of possibilities in the area of digital preservation of historical artifacts using Virtual Reality environments that have been designed through studies of human interaction of technologies. The presentation will explore an alternative technique of finding innovative and creative solutions in converting and sustaining cultural heritage sites and cultural artifacts into a digital virtual space


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