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Call for expression of Interest for installation of 3.5 kVA Solar power system:

isms | 25 April, 2016 06:00

25 April 2016

1.Call for expression of Interest for installation of 3.5 kVA Solar power system:

Kathmandu University School of Law is constructing new solar power system as secondary backup source of power of 3.5 kvA capacity. The construction will be done on roof top of School of Law building located at Dhulikhel

In this regards, we would like to call expression of interest (EOI) from local companies for the design, installation and commission of solar power system with best available resources and technology as per technical specification below.

Technical Specification

Solar PV module: 2 kWatt. (Panel should be RETS certified)

Inverter: 3.5 kVA pure Sin wave

Charge controller: MPPT controller built in or separate.

Battery: 12V 150aH X 4

Interested applicant should provide technical and financial details of the system along with EOI, within 7 days from the date of published in KU website.

  • Technical proposal

    1. Designs should meet the minimum output detailed in technical specification.

    2. Proposals should outline all calculations, drawing and working which explain how their proposed design provides this output. This should justify the overall system design, and the selection of each component given the key design principles listed below.

    3. Detailed layout of PV installation and power management plan.

    • Installation work plan, timeline and management plan.

    • Operation and maintenance training requirements, schedule and plan, and any additional suggestions regarding the management of maintenance.

    1. The proposals must state what the warranty period is for all components and what the operation and maintenance requirements are. Proposals should demonstrate that they have authorized service centres or repair centres for the technology they are providing.

  • Financial proposal

Financial proposal provided in separate, sealed envelope, with detailed budget and financial breakdown.

Proposal should be submitted to Registrar office, Kathmandu University central campus, Dhulikhel.

2. Further Documents is required with above specification as follow:

  • A Copy of Registered firm, company certificate

  • The Discounted price lists with VAT

  • A Copy of Renewed firm Registration Certification

  • A Copy of VAT Registration Certification & Tax Clearance Certification for 2071/72

  • A Copy of Authorized Dealership Certificate




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