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Call for EOI for Pharmacy Lab Equipments

isms | 24 April, 2016 08:15

Call for EOI for Pharmacy Lab Equipments

Kathmandu University, Department of Pharmacy is going to install the Lab Equipments at Central Campus, Dhulikhel.

In this regards, we would like to call expression of interest (EOI) from the renounced suppliers or companies within 7 days from the published date of KU Website with best available resources and technology as per technical specification below.

Interested applicant should provide technical and financial details of the system along with EOI.


  SPECTRALAB’ Automatic Potentiometric Titrator Model – AT38C [EX] with standard Supplies:


Accessories required-


• Combination pH Electrode

• Electrode for Complexometric Titration

• Electrode for Non-Aqueous Titrations

• Electrode for Red-ox / Iodometric Titration

• Electrode for Argentometric / Precipitation Titration


                KF attachment consisting​ of​ :

• Interchangeable Burette

• Dual Platinum Electrode

· 50 μl syringe

• Magnetic Stirrer

• KF Vessel (150 ml)

                                • KF Software


2. Further Documents is required with above specification as follow:

  • A Copy of Registered firm, company certificate

  • The Discounted price lists with VAT

  • A Copy of Renewed firm Registration Certification

  • A Copy of VAT Registration Certification & Tax Clearance Certification for 2071/72

  • A Copy of Authorized Dealership Certificate



Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre

P.O Bosc 6250

Tel 011-661399

Fax: 011-661443

E-mail: procurement@ku.edu.np





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