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Notice for KU Scholarships for First Year UNG Students

isms | 05 August, 2010 20:27

Please [ click ] link to download the pdf file to view the list.

Graduation Ceremony of NOMA Fellowship Program

isms | 29 June, 2010 15:45

The students of Masters in Electrical Power Engineering batch 2008-10 under NOMA Fellowship Program received their Certificate o f Degree in the Graduation Ceremony organized by the School of Engineering, Kathmandu University on 29th June 2010 at the C.V. Raman Auditorium, KU. On this auspicious occasion, His Excellency Thor Gislesen, Honorable Norwegian Ambassador to Nepal, was the Chief Guest, who congratulated the graduating students and wished them bright future.  Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University, Prof. Dr. SureshRaj Sharma, awarded the degree to the students and on his congratulatory speech wished the graduating students a successful future. The program officially began with a welcome speech from the Registrar of Kathmandu University, Prof.Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar. The NOMA Program Coordinator Mr. BrijeshAdhikary highlighted about the past present and future of NORAD and NOMA Program, its background and success. On behalf of graduating students Mr. Patrick Mukombe Simuchimba presented his views about the  MEEPE NOMA program and express his gratitude towards KU, NTNU. Finally, Prof.Dr. Bhola Thapa, Dean of School of Engineering, extended vote of thanks. Distinguished guests from different industries and organization, journalists, local people representatives, faculties and staffs of Kathmandu University were present in the program.


Mr. Uttam Budhathoki published the paper

isms | 17 June, 2010 10:35

Uttam Budhathoki, Panna Thapaand Ellaiah Poluri published a paper entitled "ProductionOptimization and Partial Characterization of Xylanase from Brevibacillusborstelensis – MTCC 9874 Isolated from Soil Sample of Eastern Nepal and itsMedium Optimization" in Journalof Pure and Applied Microbiology, Volume 4 No. 1 Page No. 01-09.

Article is in http://www.microbiologyjournal.org/JMAbs.asp

Dr. Jha published a new article

isms | 14 June, 2010 18:18

A new articletitled, "Study of agricultural impacts through fish base variables indifferent rivers" is been published in* International Journal ofEnvironmental Science and Technology*  (IJEST), *Volume 7, Number 3, Pages411-615 (Summer 2010). It is also available online at: http://www.ijest.org/


Sports week concludes, Title to Knights

isms | 08 June, 2010 13:34

Amol Acharya
18 April, Dhulikhel

Oneweek long sports festival of KathmanduUniversity has come to an end. According to final results KU Knightsare the winner with 2 hundred and 84 points. LACM Lions secured the secondposition and was followed by KU Stars and KU Pedators with equal points. 

Cricketfinal, Athletics finals, Basketball final, were held on the last day of theevent.

'SportsWeek 2010 was organized by Sports Committee formed under Student Welfare Council(SWC). 'Nothing goes perfect. I am happy with the way it has ended.' saidJangab Chauhan, Student Welfare Director of KathmanduUniversity. SWC President, Saradchandra Mainali shared similar view.He thanked volunteers and KU Sports newsletter team for the role they played inmaking the event successful. KU Souls, KCM Rangers, NCM Wizards were alsoparticipants of the event.

Formore: kusportsweek.blogspot.com

Vice Chancellor Prof Sharma presented paper on China Education Exchange Symposium and visit of Chinese Officials at KU

isms | 01 June, 2010 15:31

Vice Chancellor Prof Sharmapresented paper on China Education Exchange Symposium and

visit of Chinese Officials at KU


TheVice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma presented a paper on Nepal ChinaEducation Exchange on May 15, 2010 at Seventh China Education ExchangeSymposium and Exhibition in Nepal organized by Arniko Samaj.  The paper focused mainly on education systemof Nepal, China's contribution and the potential area of further collaboration.On the occasion, Dr Tirtha Khaniya, member of National Planning Commission, DrMadhav Sharma, Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University and Mr Mahashram Sharma,Joint Secretary of Ministry of Education also presented papers on differentother aspects of education. The Symposium was also attended by almost eightyhigh level representatives of more than thirty different universities of thePeople's Republic of China. The representatives of the Chinese universitiesalso visited Kathmandu University on May 18, 2010. The Vice Chancellor ProfSharma had welcomed the representatives and shared with them the specialfeature of KU. An interaction with KU officials and professors was held duringthe occasion. Initial discussions on possible different collaborations werealso exchanged. They also made observation of the different departments,laboratories and other facilities at the premises of Kathmandu University.

Mr. Samir Shrestha Published a book in title of "Aerodynamics Force on a Fiber"

isms | 09 May, 2010 14:26

Mr. Samir Shrestha published a book in title of “Aerodynamics Force on a Fiber: Normal and Tangential Components of Force Coefficients for Wide Ranges of Reynolds Numbers (Paperback)

IBM Training on DB2

isms | 20 April, 2010 11:42

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kathmandu University in collaboration with IBM India organized a 3-days training on IBM DB2 from 15th April 2010 to 17th April 2010. The training was fully supported by IBM India. Mr. Rajib Mundal from Vinsys India (the IBM training partner in India) was the resource person for the program. 

There were around 55 participants including graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty members.

During the 3-days training, the participants learned how to install DB2 on windows and Linux platforms. They also learned about Data objects support by DB2, XML, XQuery, and Securities in DB2. The trainer also provided some ideas on how to score good marks in an IBM certification exam. The participants are expected to sit in for the IBM DB2 certification test later this month. 

Kathmandu University’s participation in the Curriculum Development Mission to Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan

isms | 06 April, 2010 14:58

Kathmandu University’s participation in the Curriculum Development Mission to Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan

 Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Himalayan Cryosphere, Climate and Disaster Research Center (HiCCDRC), Dr. Rijan Bhakta Kayastha participated in the support mission aiming curriculum development of the newly established Environment Protection and Disaster Management (EPDM) Department, Faculty of Geoscience, Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan. He participated in the mission from 17 March to 2 April 2010 and visited Jawaharlal Neharu University, New Delhi, India and Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan. Dr. Kayastha contributed in the formation of detail syllabus of 17 subjects of the undergraduate course on B. Sc. in Environment Protection and Disaster Management. He also coached Meteorology and Climatology, Applied Hydrology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Water and Air pollution, Climate science and climate change impacts on water resources, agriculture, biodiversity, health and adaptation measures to a new faculty member of the department.


The mission was organized by the Himalayan University Consortium (HUC), International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).

Recent Participations by the Faculties of DoLMC

isms | 30 March, 2010 14:56


Recent Participations by the Faculties of DoLMC

The faculties of the Department of Languages and Mass Communication have recently participated in various national and international programs.

25-26 March 2010

Assistant Professor Nirmala Mani Adhikary participated in Media Research Conference-2010, organized by Martin Chautari,  Kathmandu. He presented a paper entitled, “Explorations Within: Theorizing Communication and Positing Media Ethics Paradigm from Hindu Perspective”

18-22 March 2010

Prof. Jangab Chauhan attended the International Conference on Nepali Language and Literature organized in Kathmandu by Mahakavi Devkota Centenary  Celebration Committee. He gave a presentation entitled, “Nepali Language and Literature in Russia.”

1-2 March 2010

Assistant Professor Hem Raj Kafle attended the Conference of Literary Association of Nepal (LAN), organized in Kathmandu. He presented a paper entitled, “Rhetorical Traits of Nepalese Diasporic Identity.” He also took part in the special creative writing session held at the end of the Conference.

19-21 February 2010

Assistant Professors Hem Raj Kafle and Kashiraj Pandey participated in the 15th International Conference of Nepal English  Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA) in Lalitpur. Mr. Kafle presented a paper entitled “Rhetorical blog for composition class.” Mr. Pandey gave a joint presentation with Mr. Eak Prashad Duwadi entitled “Writing a five-paragraph essay.”

3-4 February 2010

Assistant Professor Nirmala Mani Adhikary attended the third International Conference on Conflict Resolution organized in New Delhi by World Organization of Students and Youth. Mr. Adhikary chaired a session and delivered a speech on the subject “Shadharanikaran Model of Communication and Conflict Resolution.” The Conference was attended by delegates of 55 countries.

8-10 January 2010

Assistant Professor Hem Raj Kafle and Lecturer Khagendra Acharya participated in the International Conference on Interactive Media in Pedagogy: Learning English in and beyond Classroom, organized in H. M. Patel Institute of English Training and Research, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India. Mr. Kafle presented a paper entitled “Rhetorical Blog for Composition Classes.” Mr. Acharya was one of the experts to speak to a panel discussion on “Paradigms of Using Technology: Issues and Challenges.” He also presented a joint paper entitled “Using Collage for Creative Writing,” with Mr. Tirtha Ghimire.

New Issue of Bodhi Released

isms | 30 March, 2010 14:51

  New Issue of Bodhi Released 

New issue (Vol. 3, No. 1) of Bodhi: An Interdisciplinary Journal, published by the Department of Languages and Mass Communication, has been released. This issue contains 12 research articles from the writers of Nepal, India, Korea, Norway, and the USA. The articles deal with a range of issues including communication, media studies, and journalism practice and education.

Meanwhile, Bodhi has been included in Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL), where it is available at:

Visit of Prof. Dr. John C. Badoux

isms | 23 March, 2010 10:44


Visit of Prof. Dr. John C. Badoux

Prof. Dr. Badoux, the former President of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and the Chief Guest of 12th KU-Convocation 2006, made a visit to Kathmandu University from 16th to 22nd March 2010. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Happy House Foundation (HHF), which is a non-government organization founded by Mr. and Mrs. Ullens in Switzerland. Central for Excellence in Production and Transportation of Electrical Energy is co-coordinating the research activities at School of Engineering supported by HHF.

During his visit, he discussed with Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Chief Examination Controller, Dean of School of Engineering and School of Science, Faculties and Research Fellows of HHF regarding effectiveness of Research and Development activities supported by HHF of Kathmandu University since 2004.

He also interacted with more than 175 students of Kathmandu University on “Engineering and Construction Practices: A Way forward for Continued Infrastructure Development”. After the presentation, he observed Rural Electrification through Water Mill and Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Alternator, piloted by CEPTE/KU, Gramin Urja Tatha Pravidi Sewa Kendra and Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal in Kusadevi VDC.

On behalf of School of Engineering, CEPTE extends its gratitude to Prof. Badoux for his continued support in recruiting research fellows and his vision to establish this institution.

A New Article from Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha

isms | 07 March, 2010 10:34

A new article "Study of substrate and physico-chemical base classification of the rivers of Nepal", by Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha has been published in the journal, Geo-Spatial Information Science -Springer. For detail follow the link: http://springerlink.com/content/pww878648302/?sortorder=asc&p_o=10

Visit of the delegation of SNU and signing of Agreement between Kathmandu University and Seoul National University

isms | 04 March, 2010 15:17

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A delegation of Seoul National University (SNU) led by Vice President of International Affairs Prof Hiwon Yoon and the Director of International Affairs, Jeongnam Hwang visited Kathmandu University on March 4, 2010. The purpose of their visit was to explore the possible area of collaborations between the two universities. The delegate had meeting with Vice Chancellor, Registrar and the Deans of the University.  An agreement on SNU-Woongjin Global Multicultural Scholarship for Student Exchange between Kathmandu University and Seoul National University was signed during the meeting. The agreement has the provision for providing scholarship for a candidate selected by KU per year for one year in an identified field of study. The signing of the memorandum of understanding between the two institutions was also discussed during the meeting and agreed. The agreement consist the provision that both the institutions will cooperate for exchange of faculties, staff, resources, joint research projects and other possible collaborative activities. During the meeting, Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University highlighted the features of the university and the vice president expressed the desire and interest of SNU to collaborate with KU. 

Seoul National University is Korea's first national university and among top three universities in South Korea.  It is among the 50 best universities in the world university ranking by Times Higher Education, 2008 and 24th in SCI paper publications.

National Seminar on Electrical Power Sector Development- 2010 held in KU

isms | 04 March, 2010 12:14

Nepalstarted its own hydropower plant in the early 1900s. After almost a century,where we had to stand in a position of exporting the electric power; we aresuppressed to live without electricity for 11 hours a day. A giganticfeasibility of 83000MW has been a misery when we are unable to fulfill a peakof 700MW. Under this present context, Department of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineering, Kathmandu University took a leap ahead to gather the field expertsto talk about what could have been done back then and what are the perspectivethat we need to focus from where we are being deprived. The ‘National Seminar on Electric PowerDevelopment in Nepal’(dated: 17th and 18thFebruary 2010) was the outcome of that initiation.

Theprogram initiated with a welcome speech from the Registrar of KathmanduUniversity, Prof.Dr. Bhadraman Tuladhar after which Dr. Bhola Thapa expressed hisviews regarding the role of an academic institution in Power sectordevelopment. He said that the institution can play a vital role by creating manpowers as well as conducting researches in this field. Following, Mr. Dipak Gyawalipresented about the proposed new electricity act and its impact. Mr. Gyawalifocused on the power export policy of the nation and argued that power shouldnot be exported until we have a surplus. Then Mr. Ratna Sansar Shrestha presented the electricity marketing aspect inthe context of Nepal.“The saying There is no electricitymarket in Nepal’ is a myth”,he said. He elaborated the aspect of electricity marketing and the areas whereelectricity could be utilized. He illustrated that transportation, mineralbased industries, agro based industries, etc. are the areas where optimum utilizationof electricity can be obtained. After that, Dr. Janak Lal Karmacharya presentedthe issues related with hydropower development in Nepal.  He spoke about different barriers andobstacles responsible for the degradation of electrical power sector in thecountry. Following, Mr. Dipak Upadhyay spoke on the current issues onthe power sector.  He first the presentedthe current power and energy status of the nation. If immediate step is nottaken to overcome the current energy crisis, the nation will have more energydeficit in the coming years. He also highlighted that we need more storage typehydropower plants and high capacity cross border transmission link can be theother option to overcome the crisis. Finally in the inaugural session Prof. Dr. SureshRaj Sharma, the Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University elaboratedthe role of KathmanduUniversityin the field of Energy Development. Mr.Brijesh Adhikary was the MC of the program.

There were all together twelvepapers presented in the seminar which were divided among four technicalsessions. The theme of the first technical session was pricing. Papers relatedto the pricing of electricity were presented in this session. Dr. RabinShrestha chaired the session. The theme of the second technical session wasRenewable Energy Technologies (RETs) which was chaired by Mr. Brijesh Adhikary.Papers related to photovoltaic system and WLEDs were presented in this session.Third technical session carried the theme of Renewable and Environment. Papersrelated to the impact of renewable energy technology in the environment. Thisinteresting session was chaired by Dr. Ramesh Maskey. Finally the theme of thelast technical session was given as Miscellaneous. Papers related to powersystem component, pump storage system and drinking water power system werepresented by different authors in this session. Mr. Diwakar Bista chaired thissession.

There was an enthusiasticparticipation of the participants from Nepal Electricity Authority. Othercorporations like Butwal Power Company, Clean Energy Development Bank, SanimaMai Hydropower had their active participation too. The students of ElectricalPower Engineering under NOMA fellowship program also participated in theprogram. “KathmanduUniversityalways looks forward to organize program like this where real life experiencesand research ideas can be debated on and we are excited about it”, one of theparticipant from NEA said.

Afterthe technical sessions, Mr. Bishal Silwal presented his vote of thanks on thebehalf of the organizing committee. Mr. Silwal thanked all the speakers,authors, participants, volunteers and everyone who made  the program a success. 

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