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Record of Discussion signed by Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Vice Chancellor (KU) and Mr. Heung Yul Choi, Director (KOICA)

isms | 10 June, 2011 13:05

Press release

Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University ( KU) and Mr. Heung Yul Choi, Director of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), head quarter, Republic of Korea has signed Record of Discussion (ROD) for the establishment of Technical Training Center at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel on June 10th 2011.

KU and KOICA are the implementing agencies endorsed and authorized by Government of Nepal and Government of Republic of Korea respectively for the implementation of this project. The project was proposed in KOICA project plan of year 2011 and endorsed by the Government of Nepal.

The project would get completed by mid 2013 and will start operating from 2014 as a center at Kathmandu University. The center will provide technical training for unemployed and unskilled youth of Kavre, Ramechap, Sindhuli, Dolakha, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts of Nepal in the field of Automobile Engineering and general Mechanical engineering related professions.

There would be basically three types of training, namely short term, long term and modular and all together about 300 trainees will be trained in one year in different trade professions.

Korean Government will provide 3.5 million US $ and Kathmandu University will provide 1.1 million US $ and all together total cost of project is estimated to be 4.6 million US $. The project cost basically comprises of three components, namely infrastructure, equipments & machineries and human resource development.

Initially four buildings each for automobile, general mechanical, girl’s hostel and boy’s hostel will be constructed under infrastructure at KU central campus, Dhulikhel.  Equipments and machinery for training and demonstration purpose will also be procured.
The existing human resource at Kathmandu University will be further trained to suit as per the need of program under human resource development program, who ultimately be responsible for running the center.


Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha has contributed to ARKIVE

isms | 27 May, 2011 08:30

Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha has contributed to ARKIVE: Images of Life on Earth (WILDSCREEN: Promoting Conservation Through Wildlife Imagery). Please visit the site: http://www.arkive.org/dinnawah-snowtrout/schizothorax-progastus/


Uttam Budhathoki has published and presented his PhD work in international peer reviewed journals and conferences

isms | 20 May, 2011 13:01

Uttam Budhathoki has published and presented his PhD work in international peer reviewed journals and conferences which are as follows:

Research Papers Published International Journals.

1.      Budhathoki U., Thapa P. and Poluri E., Production optimization and partial characterization of xylanase from Brevibacillus borstelensis – MTCC 9874 isolated from soil sample of eastern Nepal and its medium optimization. Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology; 2010, 4 (1), pp 01-09.


2.      Budhathoki U., Poluri E. and Thapa P. Medium optimization of production of xylanase by solid state fermentation from Brevibacillus borstelensis – MTCC 9874 isolated from soil sample of eastern Nepal and its partial purification. Malaysian Journal of Microbiology (In Press).


Research Papers Presented at International Conferences.

1.      National Biotechnology Conference – 2006: Current Trends & Future Perspectives, on “Screening of thermotolerant xylanase producing microorganisms from different soil samples of Kavre district, Nepal”; September 2nd - 3rd, 2006 held at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India.


2.    Third International Congress on Bioprocesses in Food Industries & Fifth Convention of the Biotech Research Society India, on “Characterization of xylanase produced from soil microorganism (S638) of Morang district, Nepal and its medium optimization”; November 6th– 8th, 2008 held at Department of Microbiology, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India


Dissemination of the Research Findings from Gokyo Project: Aquatic Ecology Centre

isms | 20 May, 2011 11:48

Aquatic Ecology Centre is organizing a closing seminar on "Dissemination of the Research Findings from Gokyo" on 1st June 2011 on successful completion of its three year GOKYO PROJECT (2008-2011) funded by WWF Nepal. Aquatic Ecology Centre (AEC) is a centre dedicated to the Research Development and Consultancy which is a division under School of Science of Kathmandu University in main campus, Dhulikhel, working on climate change impacts on aquatic life, soil/ water quality, and hydrological systems since its establishment in the year 2003.  We have faculty & Ph.D. scholars involved in diatoms and macroinvertebrates’ biodiversity, lake bathymetric mapping, limnology, permafrost and lake connectivity studies. The centre is running a research project with acronym GOKYO – Climate change impact on freshwater ecosystem in Gokyo and associated lakes in Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park, with financial support from WWF/Nepal and technical support from different organizations and institutions in the country and abroad.

Note: GOKYO Closing Seminar changed to 1st June Hotel Himalaya at 9 am.

Aquatic Ecology Centre (AEC) as partner organising international conferences in India

isms | 11 May, 2011 14:21

International Conference on Global Environmental Change 2012:


International conference on Advances on Ecological Research 2011:


Publication in Physics of Fluid

isms | 03 May, 2011 15:44

Publication in Physics of Fluid

 A research paper entitled "Some exact solutions for debris and avalanche flows" by Dr. Shiva  P. Pudasaini, visiting faculty at Departmet of Natural Sciences, School of Science, Kathmandu University has been recently published in Physics of Fuild: 23,043301(2011).

For Datail [click here]


Establsihment of Japan Desk at Central library of Kathmandu University,Dhulikhel

isms | 15 April, 2011 11:05

Kathmandu University has established Japan-Desk at its central library in Dhulikhel.

The desk will provide information on recent natural disaster and its aftermath scenario in Japan.

Official Link:

The desk will also provide information on study in Japan, scholarship scheme and faculty exchange opportunities for faculty/staff and students of Kathmandu University.

Japanese Embassy in Kathmandu has provided relevant materials for display and distribution in the desk.

The center is inagurated by Prof. Dr. Bhadraman Tuladhar. Ms. Natsuko Hashimoto, cultural secretary of Japanese Embassy also attended the program.

The MoU was signed by Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT and Prof. Suresh Raj Sharma, VC, KU

isms | 04 April, 2011 11:31

The MoU was signed by Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT and Prof. Suresh Raj Sharma, Vice Chancellor, KU. AIT would also facilitate KU graduate students to visit AIT for part of their coursework and research. AIT graduate students will be offered internship and teaching experience at KU. Presenting the MoU to the AIT President, Dr. Bim Prasad Shrestha, Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, KU, hoped that this MoU would capitalize on the continued goodwill between the institutions. [more detail .......]

Kathmandu University expresses solidarity with people of Japan

isms | 18 March, 2011 12:14

 Kathmandu University expresses solidarity with people of Japan


Japanese Ambassador to Nepal, H.E. Mr. Tatsuo Mizuno has hosted special dinner program at his official residence in Tahachal in the honor of Kathmandu University officials on March 17th 2011 evening. During the program, Ambassador Mr. Mizuno briefed about recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The dinner was attended by Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, VC of KU, Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar, Registrar KU, Prof. Dr. Ramkatha Makaju, Director of Dhulikhel hospital and Mrs. Andrea Makaju, Dr. Bim Prasad Shrestha from School of Engineering and Dr. Sagar Raj Sharma from School of Arts at Kathamandu University.

The program was also attended by Japanese Embassy officials looking after Japanese governmental overseas developmental assistance program in Nepal.

Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma has expressed deep condolence for the bereaved family of Japan worst hit by recent earth quake and tsunami and handed over the letter expressing solidarity with people of Japan to over come casualty caused by recent natural disaster. Dr. Bhadraman Tuladhar has also expressed similar concern. Dr. Ramkantha Makaju appreciated Japanese governmental support extended to Dhulikhel Hospital and assured the Japanese ambassador to let him know how Kathmandu University family can help the people of Japan at this time.

It was agreed to establish Japan Desk at central library of Kathmandu University at Dhulikhel to disseminate accurate information of recent disaster and ongoing rescue activities in Japan. The ambassador of Japan has assured to provide information materials from the Embassy of Japan to Kathmandu University to be kept in Japan Desk.

During the meeting several areas of cooperation between Japan and Kathmandu University and Dhulikhel hospital were discussed.



Prof. Tuladhar Reappointed as the Registrar

isms | 17 March, 2011 11:25

Prof. Tuladhar Reappointed as the Registrar

Rt. Hon'ble Prime Minister and Chancellor of Kathmandu University Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal has reappointed Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar as the Registrar of Kathmandu University as per the Kathmandu University Act 2048. The appointment is effective from March 16, 2011 for four years.

Dr. Tuladhar is a Professor of Mathematics. He is also one of the founders of Kathmandu University, and a Life Member in its Board of Trustees.

Participation of Dr. K. Jha in World Conference 2011

isms | 14 March, 2011 11:42

Dr. Kanhaiya Jha, an associate professor of mathematics in School of Science, presented his research paper as an invited speaker entitled “Generalized common fixed point theorem in metric space by altering distances between points” in the Fifth World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics (WC) 2011 organized by Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS), GC University, Lahore, Pakistan from February 9-13, 2011. The ASSMS that was established in 2003 by the name of Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam (1924 – 1997), the Nobel Laureate of Theoretical Physics in 1979, has become a unique and leading research center of mathematics in Pakistan as well as in SAARC region.

Dr. Jha also got an opportunity to work with Prof. Dr. Josip Pecaric from University of Zagreb, Croatia and his research students at ASSMS. Prof. Pecaric is renowned leading mathematician of Convex Analysis having more than 800 research papers and equivalent citations in American Mathematical Society (AMS) Mathematical Review Numbers. During his visit, Dr. Jha communicated TWO research papers in the peer reviewed mathematical journals. Moreover, Dr. Jha interacted with other professors from different universities about future mathematical events and possible collaborative research activities in Nepal.

KU goes to river bank for street lighting using organic urban waste (vegetables)

isms | 05 March, 2011 22:35

Prof. Dr. Bhadraman Tuladhar, Registrar of Kathmandu University has inaugurated the demonstration  lighting of street lamps by switching on the generator on the eve of MAHASHIVRATRI ( March 2nd 1011 ) at Tankeswar Mahadev tempble of  Kalimati area at Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Everyday, tones of organic waste are produced from Kalimati market, that can be used to produce biogas by anaerobic digestion process. The produced biogas can be used to generate electricity. Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kathmandu University has collaborated with Tankeswor Mahadev Preservation Society to launch project on installation of biogas plant for generation of electricity for street lighting at Tankeswor Mahadev area situated at the bank of Bishnumati River using vegetable waste of Kalimati Vegetable and Fruit Market. The program is being supported by Canadian Cooperation Organization.

In this project, the students have installed 10 m3 biogas plant as per guideline set by BSP Nepal with slight modification in the feeding section consisting of a chopping mechanism for vegetable waste. The produced biogas can run gas-engine to generate electricity for about 5 hours per day. This electricity can be used for street lighting at Tankeswor area, Mahadev temple, dead body burning areas (Masan ghat ),  ritual house (kiriya ghar), and bhajan ghar using CFL bulbs.

Dr. Rajendra Gyawali delivered a lecture in Belgaum, India

isms | 01 March, 2011 10:23

Dr Rajendra Gyawali delivered an invited lecture on “Pharmacognostical research, development and opportunities in Nepalese Himalayan Plants” in first international conference of society of Pharmacognosy, held in Belgaum India, 18-20 Feb, 2011.

Visit of Prof. Dr. John C. Badoux

isms | 23 February, 2011 12:39

Prof. Dr. Badoux, the former President of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and the Chief Guest of 12th KU-Convocation 2006, made a visit to Kathmandu University from 17th to 21st February 2011. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Happy House Foundation (HHF), which is a Non-Government Organization founded by Mr. and Mrs. Ullens in Switzerland. Centre for Excellence in Production and Transportation of Electrical Energy (CEPTE) is coordinating the research activities at School of Engineering supported by HHF.

During his stay, he discussed with the Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Deans of School of Engineering and School of Science, Professors and Heads from different departments, Faculties and Research Fellows of HHF regarding effectiveness of Research and Development activities supported by HHF of Kathmandu University since 2004. He also had meetings with ex-HHF fellows and recruited new researchers to carry on the work being done in CEPTE. Group discussion regarding the future of Civil Engineering Department of KU was conducted. Splitting the department into different specialization groups like Hydropower, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering courses were discussed.

He also delivered a speech in the Kathmandu University Lecture Series (KULS-XXI) and interacted with many students and faculties of the University. The topic of his speech was “International Engineering Consulting and Construction Practices: Foundation for infrastructure development”. With quotes like- “The biggest risk is to take no risk” and “Innovation gets us to the top, Excellence keeps us there” he surely influenced the students and faculties to work towards their goal and act responsibly. “Don’t mind having dirty hands” is what he always said, encouraging students to work hard and be sincere and honest.

His support and belief in Kathmandu University will always be acknowledged. On behalf of School of Engineering, CEPTE extends its gratitude to Prof. Badoux for his continued support in recruiting research fellows and his vision to establish this institution.

Symposium on Plasma Physics and Material Science Feb 2-3, 2011

isms | 07 February, 2011 13:33

  Symposium on Plasma Physics and Material Science

 Feb 2-3, 2011

Organized jointly by:

Department of Natural Science (Physics), Kathmandu University, Nepal


Central Department of Physics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Two-day Symposium on Plasma Physics and Material Science was jointly organized by the Department of Natural Sciences (Physics), Kathmandu University and Central Department of Physics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal during Feb 2-3, 2011 at Kathmandu University International Center (KUIC), Dhulikhel, Nepal. The Symposium was attended by 35 participants from different institutions.


Prof. Bhadra Man Tuladhar, Registrar of KU, inaugurated the program by lighting a traditional lamp and switching on a plasma lamp. In his address, Prof. Tuladhar encouraged young generations to come forward to contribute actively in research. Prof. Panna Thapa, Dean of School of Science, KU delivered the welcome speech. In his address, Prof. Thapa stressed on the active role of young scientists in the development of a nation. Prof. Bhola Thapa, Dean of School of Engineering, KU also put his view on the importance of the symposium. Dr. Deepak Subedi, Coordinator of the Symposium and Head of the Department of Natural Sciences, KU presented the highlights of the program. The program was conducted by Dr. Raju Khanal, Coordinator of the Symposium representing the Central Department of Physics, TU. Four scientific papers were presented in the first day’s program.


Second day of the symposium started with the poster session. The poster presenters were also allocated five minutes each to present their papers orally before they went to the display. Altogether eleven posters related to the research works in plasma physics and material sciences were presented. The oral session on of the second day started with a presentation on Hadronic Mechanics by Prof. Bhadra Man Tuladhar. Altogether four papers were presented. In the closing ceremony, Prof. Panna Thapa congratulated the participants for successful participation and appreciated their contribution. He also distributed certificates to the participants.



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