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MoU signed between Kathmandu University (KU) and NEA Engineering Company (NEC)

isms | 09 November, 2017 19:59

On 06 November 2016, MoU has been signed between Kathmandu University (KU) and NEA Engineering Company (NEC) for cooperation in the field of energy and power sector development and contribution to increased cooperation between academic institution and power industry.

The MoU was signed by Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, Registrar, KU and Mr. Hitendra Dev Shakya, Managing Director, NEC.

The major objectives of the cooperation between KU and NEC are:

1.       Collaboration for utilizing human resource and technical competence for delivering all aspects of engineering services for the energy and power sector.

2.       Sharing the services, facilities, and infrastructures available in its disposition and network for the development of energy and power sector.

3.       Explore possibilities for future cooperation in professional and commercial undertakings in relevant disciplines, jointly or in the association, at the National and International levels.

4.       Interchange of information, knowledge and professional services for institutional development through the internship, workshop and training.

Cooperation for research and development activities for addressing the technical challenges of energy and power sector.

Result of JST Science Sakura Plan

isms | 09 November, 2017 16:01

Notice on JST Sakura Science Plan at Ehime University


A)                   Selected Student Name list

B)                   Faculty application announcement

A)    A) Following Candidates are selected for the JST Sakura Plan, to be conducted at Ehime University Kathmandu University.



Name of Student


Bhuwan Paudel


Subhekshya Shrestha


Nivesh Dugar


Dikshya Dahal










The Students are requested to contact for their participation by 12th November, 2017 at block 2, Office of External Affairs and Global Engagement, Kathmandu University.

Waiting List      (Incase the above students couldn’t confirm by 12th November, 2017)


Name of Student


Kshitiz Shrestha


Milu Tripathi

B)    B) Faculty Application for JST Sakura Science plan.

Faculties from related discipline are invited to apply for “Young Leaders' Workshop Training on Geo-Disaster Science and Mitigation Technologies” in Japan under JST Sakura Science Plan. The workshop training will be held from 1 – 9 Feb 2018 at Ehime University, Japan.

Role: - To lead the selected students and make proper reporting and arrangement during the workshop and training program in Japan.


1.       The applicant should never have been to Japan.

2.       Must be younger than 40 years of age.

3.       Must satisfy condition as set  ToR issued by JST Sakura Science Plan.


Process: - Submit an application with letter of interest mentioning reasons of eligibility for the program. The letter needs to be forwarded through the respective Dean’s offices to the office of External Affairs and Global Engagement at Kathmandu University by 12 November, 2017.

Note: - One faculty member will be selected by the JST Sakura science plan selection committee.  

School of Science- Last Call for Expression of Interests for admissions in different Undergraduate Programs

isms | 09 November, 2017 15:30

Kathmandu University 

Undergraduate Admissions 2017


School of Science

Last Call for Expression of Interest for Admission


Kathmandu University, School of Science invites Expression of Interest (EoI) in limited seats, remaining quota from the candidates who have scored 528 or more in KUCAT-2017 for admission in the following undergraduate program;

·         B.Sc. in Applied Physics

·         B.Tech. in Biotechnology

·         B.Sc. in Computational Mathematics

·         B.Sc. in Computer Science

·         B.Tech. in Environmental Engg

·         B.Sc. in Environmental Science

EoI should be submitted to the Office of the Concerned Head of the Department, School of Science until 12:00 noon, 12th November 2017 on a standard template (attached herewith) along with Admission Card in original.   EOI based 
Admission will be published the same day.  Name, KUCAT ID and KUCAT Score should be clearly mentioned in the application form. Candidates who have already been enrolled to one of the undergraduate programs and candidates who have submitted withdrawal request are not eligible to apply.   


Signed by: Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma

Chairperson- Admissions Committee


Dean, School of Science

9th Nov 2017



Undergraduate Admission from EoI Waiting List in Engineering

isms | 09 November, 2017 13:54

09 November 2017



(Admission from EoI Waiting List)


This is to notify that applicants indicated in the attached program-wise document verification and admission lists are selected for document verification and admission in the undergraduate programs of School of Engineering of Kathmandu University. Selected applicants are required to contact concerned department for document verification and admission by 3:00 PM, 10 November 2017. The verified candidates may complete the admission procedure by 3:00 PM, 12 November 2017. Please refer to earlier notices or contact respective department for verification and admission procedure.


As indicated in the program-wise lists, waiting candidates are also advised to contact the concerned department by 3:00 PM 10 November 2017 for their possibility of admission. Further, if there are no waiting candidates in any program and seat is still vacant, new Expression of Interest may be submitted by any eligible candidates who fulfil the minimum requirement for admission by 3:00 PM 10 November 2017.


As per the decision of the Admission Committee of the School, there will be no admission in any program of School of Engineering beyond 12 November 2017, Sunday due to attendance requirement and teaching advancement in the programs.



·         In the event that erroneous information or invalid documents have been provided by the applicant, intentionally or otherwise, the applicant will be rejected and admission offer will be invalidated.

·         Request for the extension of the deadline will not be considered.

·         The bank at KU will be open till 3:00 PM on working days except Friday.

·         Candidates submitting withdrawal request after admission in the list will not be entitled to get any refund.

·         The admission offer is invalid if the candidate is already enrolled or enrolled-and-withdrawn admission, or submitted EoI in multiple numbers in undergraduate programs of School of Science and School of Engineering of Kathmandu University this year.


School of Engineering

  #  Document verification and admission lists

  1. EE Communications and Power and Control
  2. ME (Automobile, Design, Energy, Hydro)
  3. Architecture
  4. Chemical Engineering 



School of Science - PhD Public Defense Re-notification

isms | 09 November, 2017 11:17

PhD Public Defense Re-notification


(First Published dated the 31st Oct 2017, republished on 9th Nov 2017)


This is for the information of all those concerned  and interested to attend the event that Mrs Rosha Raut (Khadka) has successfully completed all requirements qualifying her for viva voce and defending the PhD Dissertation with the title as follows;


The above research was jointly supervised by Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma and Prof. Dr. Roshan Man Bajracharya, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Science.

PhD defense will take place on 12th Nov 2017 instead of 10th Nov as announced earlier in CV Raman Block, Mini Auditorium from 10 am. All interested are invited to attend. Sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this change.

​Dean, School of Science
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