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Dr. Luitel Got a Book Chapter Published

editorial | 31 October, 2017 19:44

Dr. Bal Chandra Luitel, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, got a Chapter entitled "A Mindful Inquiry into Reductionism in Mathematics Education" published in Weaving Complementary Knowledge Systems and Mindfulness to Educate a Literate Citizenry for Sustainable and Healthy Lives, a book brought out by Sense Publishers.
The Chapter mainly discusses the problematic nature of reductionism as a key obstacle towards developing mathematics education in Nepal as an inclusive, agentic and meaning-centred enterprise of learning.  Two cultural-intellectual traditions – performativity and mindfulness – have enabled the author to explore meanings of reductionism as ideology, methodology, logic and history via narrative, poetic and reflective genres. The Chapter also involves an inquiry into the types of reductionism – systemic, curricular, pedagogic, and evaluative – widespread in Nepali mathematics education.
A free preview of the book can be found at:

Interview Result Lecturer/TA Mechanical Engineering

isms | 31 October, 2017 13:28

Kathmandu University

School of Engineering


Selected Applicants for FACULTY POSITION in Mechanical Engineering

This is to inform that the following applicant has been selected for the following faculty position at the School of Engineering. The applicant has been selected based upon the applications received in response to vacancy announcement dated 18 October 2017 (on KU website) and interview of the short-listed applicants by the respective department. A minimum of 60% score in the interview has been considered for the offer.





Selected Applicant

Mechanical Engineering



1. Anush Karki (TA)

Alternative Candidate:

1. Saroj Gautam (TA)

 * Note: Initial contract period will be 6 months or a semester. Contract period may be extended based upon performance.

 Salary and benefits will be as per the rule of the University.

 The selected candidate is advised to contact respective department by 03 November 2017.


School of Engineering


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