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Notice to the Freshers' 2017

isms | 14 September, 2017 22:40

14th September 2017






Students​ freshly enrolled at the School of Science are informed to participate in FRESHERS’ ORIENTATION programme to be organized by the concerned Departments from 10 am till 12 noon on 18th September 2017.


University Buses with designated routes details shall be provided in due course of time for transport to Dhulikhel.



​Signed by Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma


School of Science



#KU Bus Route 

School of Science- Result of Vacancy Announcement for Lecturer of Biotechnology on Contract

isms | 14 September, 2017 19:35

14 September 2017




Candidates listed herewith who have applied for the position of Lecturer on Contract for a period of six months in the field of Biotechnology following an announcement made on dated the 24th August 2017 by the Office of the Dean, School of Science, are notified to be successful.


Successful candidates are informed to contact the Head of the Department for needful on or before 18th September 2017 during office hours.


List of Successful Candidates (with the Average Score out of 100 marks):

1. Mr. Hitesh Kumar Bhattarai - 91

2. Mr. Simon Kumar Shrestha - 83


Alternative Candidates:

1. Ms. Pooja Manandhar - 80

2. Mr. Anaya Raj Pokhrel- 79


Successful candidates are notified to visit in person along with Original Documents, as announced. In the event that erroneous information or invalid documents have been provided by the candidate, or do not respond to this notice on or before the given date, the candidate will be rejected and position will be offered to the Alternative Candidate.


Signed by Prof. Dr. S.Sharma

Dean, School of Science

On dated the 14th Sept. 2017

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