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Admission and Waiting List from EoI for Undergraduate Programs of School of Engineering

isms | 07 September, 2017 15:55

Kathmandu University

School of Engineering

07 September 2017



(Admission from EoI on Open Merit Seats)


This is to notify that applicants indicated in the attached program-wise document verification and admission lists are selected for document verification and admission in the undergraduate programs of School of Engineering of Kathmandu University. The applicants have been selected from the Expression of Interest received for various programs on 03-04 September 2017.


The dates for document verification and admission of selected candidates will be notified later. Please follow the notice on Kathmandu University website.


Verification and Admission List and WAITING LIST from EoI

1.                   BE in Computer Engineering

2.                   BE in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Communication)

3.                   BE in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Power & Control)

4.                   BE in Geomatics Engineering

5.                   BE in Civil Engineering (Specialization in Hydropower)

6.                   Bachelor of Architecture

7.                   BE in Mechanical Engineering (Automobile)

8.                   BE in Mechanical Engineering (Design and Manufacturing)

9.                  BE in Mechanical Engineering (Energy Technology)

10.               BE in Mechanical Engineering (Hydropower)

11.              BE in Chemical Engineering


·         Unfilled seats from verification and admission list, if any, will be offered to the waiting list candidates on dates later with notification. Please follow the KU website for subsequent verification and admission lists.

·         The admission offer is invalid if the candidate is already enrolled or enrolled-and-withdrawn admission, or submitted EoI in multiple numbers in undergraduate programs of School of Science and School of Engineering of Kathmandu University this year.


Dean, School of Engineering


VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT - Personal Assistant/Secretary and Technical Staff

isms | 07 September, 2017 12:58

       Download application form: [Click Here]

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