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EnergizeNepal , 1st Call for Application for Project Funding Support

isms | 25 May, 2017 09:25

EnergizeNepal has made 1stCall for Application for R&D Project Funding Support. The date of call is 25 May 2017. The deadline for submission of application is 25 June 2017.

New Applications for Applied Research and Development (R&D) Project Funding Support from EnergizeNepal Project are invited from Nepalese Research Institution (University, College, and other organization qualifying as a research institution)in partnership with Nepalese Energy Industry, and preferably also in partnership with Foreign Research Institution and Foreign Energy Industry, to conduct Applied R&D for industrial development in Nepal in the area of Renewable Energy. The proposed project duration shall be of two years to start from August 2017.

EnergizeNepal is a Project for supporting research based energy sector development in Nepal. It provides funding support to collaborative R&D projects related to renewable energy technology, planned and implemented by R&D institution in Nepal in cooperation with local industries and Norwegian institutions & industries. EnergizeNepal is managed by Kathmandu University (KU), Nepal, in partnership with Hydro Lab Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, NTNU Norway and SINTEF Energy Research (SEfAS), Norway. It is funded by ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Norway.

EnergizeNepal is open for participation by all Nepalese and Foreign Research Institutions and Industries on competitive equal opportunity basis within the Project Framework. The Principal Applicant shall be a Nepalese Research Institution, which applies for funding support from the Programme to implement a conceived R&D project with the partners. The Principal Applicant and the Partners shall refer to the Application Call Document and the Application Forms & General Guide for preparing and submitting the application.

Download the application related documents


  1. Application Call Document [Click Here to Download, PDF,584 KB]
  2. Application Forms[Click Here to Download, ZIP(WORD/EXCEL),318 KB]
  3. General Terms and Conditions [Click Here to Download, PDF,723 KB]


The document may also be requested via e-mail to energizenepal@ku.edu.np

The deadline for submission of application is 25 June 2017


In order to assist the application procedure, an Application Assistance Seminar will be organized. Please note that prior registration for the seminar is preferred. Please send e-mail for participation in the seminar by 12 June 2017.The participants shall have referred to the stated documents and started preparing application.

NOTE: Please contact the Project office by e-mail for assistance.


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