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Invitation for PhD Application

isms | 16 May, 2017 07:32

 Kathmandu University

School of Science

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Invitation for PhD Application


The department invites applications for admission to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in the field of Environmental Science. One seat is available for the research which focuses on aquatic resources utilization and pollution effects due to natural and anthropogenic activities. The study will be conducted in two wetlands (lake Phewa and Kulekhani) and will start from June 2017. The selected PhD candidate will take part in the project activities of a UGC-Nepal funded collaborative research project.

Brief information of the research project:

The study will focus on the resource allocation and distribution of aquaculture in Lake Phewa and Kulekhani reservoir; quantification of sedimentation due to agriculture and natural processes; physiochemical characterization of these wetlands to relate with environmental degradation. The main goal of the research is to gain a holistic scenario of the linkages among resource utilization, environmental pollution and degradation so as to contribute for sustainable management of water resources.


The candidate must have completed a minimum of 17 years of formal study in relevant field. The candidate with 16 years of formal study may also be eligible if he/she possesses additional relevant degree or courses. For details on admission process and other criteria, please visit www.ku.edu.np/env .

Deadline for application submission:  May 27, 2017 (Submit a brief concept note, CV and scanned copies of academic certificates).

Duration of the study: Three years

For application forms and administrative procedure, contact:

Dr. Bed Mani Dahal

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
Kathmandu University
Email: bedmani@ku.edu.np  
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