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Dr. Sharma Visited UTAD, Portugal

isms | 30 March, 2017 17:38

Dr. Gajendra Sharma, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, visited University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), Vila Real, Portugal from March 4-14, 2017 as a visiting Professor.

The programme was supported by Merging Voices (European Union Erasmus plus) mobility project. Dr. Sharma gave lectures to graduate students of UTAD on current trends and developments on Information and Communications Technology (ICT).




Mr. Poudel Got a Research Paper Published

isms | 30 March, 2017 17:37

Mr. Moti Poudel, Research Associate at Aquatic Ecology Centre, got a research paper entitled "Status of Solid Waste Generation in Bhaktapur District, Nepal" published in Journal of Water, Sanitation, Health and Environment (ISSN:-2091-0851, Volume:15, Issue:1. 22 March, 2017.)

The Journal was published by Society of Public Health Engineering Nepal (SOPHEN) on the occasion of World Water Day, 2017.

Dr. Bikash Adhikar, Suman Adhkari, Prof.Dr. Sanjay Nath Khanal and Suman Pariyar are co-authors of the paper.

This paper focuses on the descriptive status of per-day waste generation and waste characterization from commercial /institutional and domestic sources in Bhaktapur district.


Mr. KC received a PhD fellowship from ICIMOD

isms | 30 March, 2017 17:29

Mr. Binaya KC received a PhD fellowship from ICIMOD

Mr. Binaya KC, Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded with the atmosphere initiative PhD fellowship from ICIMOD. Mr. KC is currently on study leave from the University for his PhD at the University of Nottingham (UON). Mr. KC received Vice Chancellor Scholarship of University Nottingham, UK under the joint supervision of Prof. Ian Hall from UON and Prof. Bim Prasad Shrestha from KU and pursuing his study on "Emission characterization of Biomass after its combustion in Improved Cooking Stove (ICS) and its impact on Health."


Dr. Chi Huyen Truong, program coordinator Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) at ICIMOD has announced the fellowship result in the meeting that was held on 29 March, 2017. The meeting was attended  by Professors, Dr. Ian Hall and Dr. Bim Prasad Shrestha, Program coordinator for Atmosphere initiative Dr. Arnico Pandey, Air Quality Specialist Dr. Bhupesh Adhikari, Program coordinator HUC Dr. Chi Huyen Truong, Aerosol scientist  Dr. Siva Praveen Puppala, Senior Environmental economist Dr. Bikash Shrama and PhD fellow Mr. Binaya KC.

During the meeting, Dr. Pandey highlighted some of the key working areas ICIMOD and explored thematic areas of ICIMOD that would be interested to work in collaboration with the two Universities. He mentioned that this PhD fellowship would play a key role to bridge ICIMOD with Kathmandu University and the University of Nottingham to work on the areas of mutual interest.

Prof. Ian Hall enlightened on the main theme of Binaya’s PhD work and mentioned that he would be happy to help in several  capacities to work and collaboration like data analysis, joint publication etc. Prof. Hall is former Dean of School of Medical Science at Queens Medical Center of University of Nottingham and currently serving as Director of Biomedical Research Center at UoN.

Prof. Shrestha gave an introduction of HUC as a steering committee member and highlighted on the potential areas to work in the future that should be trans-boundary in nature. Dr. Chi Huyen briefed about the fellowship and mentioned that PhD fellowship will be in action from 15 April, 2017 for the period of 6 months. This will allow Mr. Binaya to make field work in Hindu Kush Himalayan region, primarily in Nepal.


Vacation in School of Science and School of Engineering

isms | 30 March, 2017 14:44

Vacation in School of Science and School of Engineering [Click here the Notice in pdf]]

Quotation Notice for Landscaping (09 Block)

isms | 30 March, 2017 14:41

Dr. Sharma and team published article in book

isms | 28 March, 2017 14:11

Dr. Gajendra Sharma Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and his team got published following article recently in Book entitled 'Problems and Perspectives of the Relationship between the Media and Human Rights'.

1. R.M. Banepali, Subarna Shakya and Gajendra Sharma. Problems and Perspectives of the Relationship between the Media and Human Rights, 'Freedom of Expression in Digital Diplomacy',  pp. 99-111, 2017. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK.

The book chapter is found online at:


The book was edited by G. P. Pandey, Charu Joshi, Paromita Das.

Notice for loan ( Home, land and vehicle)

isms | 27 March, 2017 15:07

Admission Open to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), School of Arts

isms | 24 March, 2017 21:37

HMU Faculties in International Platforms

editorial | 24 March, 2017 12:44

International Conference of Literary Association of Nepal (1-2 March 2017), Dhulikhel, Nepal

Mr. Khagendra Acharya and Dr. Hem Raj Kafle, Assistant Professors at the Humanities and Management Unit (HMU), presented a joint research paper entitled “Personal Experience with Violence: Maoist Partisans’ Narratives about Eventful Happenings.” The paper reported the findings of the study of book-length creative non-fictions that presented personal experiences of the erstwhile Maoist partisans engaged in the party’s activities during the people's war.

Mr. Punya Prasad Koirala and Mr. Haris Chand Adhikari, Lecturers at HMU, also participated in the two-day Conference.

South Asian Literature Festival (24-26 February 2017), Delhi, India

Mr. Eak Prasad Duwadi, Assistant Professor at HMU, spoke on “Spreading Peace and Tranquility in the World” and presented a poem entitled “Teacher”. The Festival was organized by Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature in collaboration with the SAARC Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Council for Cultural Relations and India International Centre.

International Conference on Language, Ethnicity, and Identity: 21st Century Perspectives (11-12 February 2017), Tinsukia, Assam, India

Dr. Hem Raj Kafle and Mr. Punya Prasad Koirala presented their research works in the two-day international conference organized by the Assam Chapter of English Language Teachers Association India (ELT@I) in Tnsukia College, Assam.

Dr. Kafle’s paper entitled “Nationalist Sensibility in Mahila Baje’s Netbook,” a rhetorical analysis of blogposts,  discussed how different aspects of Nepali nationalism were represented in the writings of Mahila Baje, an anonymous Nepali blogger, during October 2015-March 2016), a period of political and economic turmoil in Nepal following the promulgation of the Constitution. 

Mr. Koirala’s  work entitled “Women in the Armed Conflict: A Study in Selected Stories from Nepal,” examined the nature of women’s engagement in the armed conflict during the Maoist-led people’s war in Nepal. 


Quotation Notice for XG Firewall

isms | 23 March, 2017 15:53

Interview Notice for Project Manager and IT Officer

isms | 23 March, 2017 12:38

- Interview Notice -

Interview for position of Project Manager (PM) and IT, Communication and Public Relation Officer (ITCPRO)


Notice published date: 23 March 2017


With reference to vacancy announcement of 19 February, 2017 on Kantipur Daily and Kathmandu University webpage for the position of PM and ITCPRO for EnergizeNepal Programme, the following candidates have been shortlisted for interview process:

Details for interview of ITCPRO


Date: 26 March 2017, Sunday

Time: 2: 00 PM onwards

Venue: Kathmandu Univeristy, Dhulikhel Kavre

             Block No. 14, (1st Floor) EnergizeNepal Office


IT, Communication and Public Relation Officer (ITCPRO)


Name of Shortlisted Candidates




Mr. Ajaya Bhatta

2:00 PM



Mr. Prakash Pandey

2:15 PM



Mr. Shankar Adhikari

2:30 PM



Ms. Jashmin Sthapit




Ms. Rachana Kunwar

3:00 PM



Details for interview of PM


Date: 27 March 2017, Monday

Time: 2: 00 PM onwards

Venue: Kathmandu Univeristy, Dhulikhel Kavre

             Block No. 14, (1st Floor) EnergizeNepal Office


IT, Communication and Public Relation Officer (ITCPRO)


Name of Shortlisted Candidates




Mr. Abhushan Neupane

2:00 PM



Mr. Susheel Sharma

2:20 PM



Mr. Tej Prasad Rimal

2:40 PM



Note: All the candidates are kindly requested to carry your original academic and experience documents. 


EnergizeNepal Programme
School of Engineering
Kathmandu University


Dr. Kafle and Dr. Pyakurel Present in International Seminar

editorial | 23 March, 2017 11:21

Dr. Hem Raj Kafle, Assistant Professor at the Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering, and Dr. Uddhab Pyakurel, Assistant Professor, School of Arts, participated in the International Seminar on "Law, Governance and Democray: A Global Concern" organized by Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India, during 18-20 March 2017. 

Both Dr. Kafle and Dr. Pyakurel presented their research papers on a special plenary session held on 20 March 2017. Dr. Kafle's paper, entitled "Understanding the Contribution of Nepali Judiciary in the April 2006 Movement: A Critical Reading of Mainstream Editorials," highlighted the critical role of the Supreme Court and Nepali law professionals before and during the mass movement of April 2006.

Dr. Pyakurel's work, entitled "The State of Dalits in Nepal and India: A Comparative Study," shed lights on the origin and nature of social stratefication both in Nepal and India, and discussed the basic differences underlying the identification and constitutional treatment of Dalits in the two countries. 

Dr. Kafle and Dr. Pyakurel also chaired technical sessions on the second day of the Seminar. 

Dr G. Sharma Got a Research Paper Published

isms | 22 March, 2017 17:24

Dr. Gajendra Sharma, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering got following research paper published recently:

Gajendra Sharma and Deep Raj Sharma. A methodology for e-Readiness Computation using Divide, Predict and Conquer Approach. Journal of the Institute of Engineering , Vol. 12, Issue 1, pp. 143-150, 2016.

The paper is found online at:


New Publications from Turbine Testing Lab

isms | 22 March, 2017 15:53

Following papers have been published (online-in press) with regards to the PhD study (by Mr. Sailesh Chitrakar) under Department of Mechanical Engineering, Turbine Testing Lab:

a)      Sailesh Chitrakar, Hari P. Neopane, Ole G. Dahlhaug, “PIV investigation of the leakage flow through clearance gaps in cambered hydrofoils”, Journal of Fluids Engineering (ASME), doi:10.1115/1.4036269, 2017.

Link: http://fluidsengineering.asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/article.aspx?articleid=2612935

b)      Sailesh Chitrakar, Biraj S. Thapa, Hari P. Neopane, Ole G. Dahlhaug, “Numerical and experimental study of the leakage flow in guide vanes with different hydrofoils”, Journal of  Computational Design and Engineering (Elsevier), 2017.

Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jcde.2017.02.004

Invitation Notice for Special Spiritual Program

isms | 21 March, 2017 07:41

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