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Extension Notice for Payment of Second Installment Fees (School of Science/Engineering/BBIS Program)

isms | 25 November, 2016 16:04

DoME Organized Aviyantaa 2016 and TTL Anniversary

isms | 25 November, 2016 15:44

Department of Mechanical Engineering (DoME) organized a two-day event, Aviyantaa 2016, and the 5th Anniversary of Turbine Testing Lab (TTL)  during 24-25 November 2016.

The opening of the event was held at TTL Auditorium in the morning of November 24. Mr. Kul Man Ghising, Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), and Mr. Satya Narayan Shah, Chairman of Nepal Engineering Council (NEC), attended the program as Chief Guests. Assoc. Prof. Hari Pd. Neopane, Head of the Department started the event with a welcome speech, highlighting the milestones of the Department. Mr. Pratisthit Lal Shrestha, Lecturer of DoME, pointed out the significance of Aviyantaa and Mr. Nirmal Acharya, Research Fellow at TTL presented the past, present and future activities of TTL. Prof. Bhola Thapa, the Registrar, and Mr. Shah released the Aviyantaa ’16 issue. Prof. Bhupendra Bimal Chhetri, Dean of School Engineering, and Mr. Ghising released the 5th Anniversary issue of TTL.




The program also included motivational speeches  by the Chief Guests. Mr. Shah discussed the possible challenges in an engineer's life and how students should overcome them. Mr. Ghising talked about possible collaboration between KU and NEA for the better future of the country. Furthermore, the event also included some inspiring words from Prof. Bhola Thapa and Prof. Ram Kantha Makaju, Vice Chancellor of KU.

The formal program concluded with the concluding remarks by Prof. Chhetri.

The major idea of Aviyantaa was to exhibit the projects of the undergraduate students of DoME. Besides, the two-day event was filled with diverse activities such as photography competition, clay molding, face painting, food stalls and games.


Notice to applicants in Master in Land Administration Program

isms | 25 November, 2016 10:44

 Notice for Applicants from Government Service for Admission in Master in
Land Administration Program

Applicants from Government Service for Admission in Master in Land Administration Program are notified to submit the Letter of Pre-Approval from the Ministry of Land Reform and Management for admission in the program by 30 November 2016.

Applicants List


Name of the Applicant



Bikram Shrestha

Needs to fill online application


Gopal Narayan Bhujel


Jayanand Bhatt


Jeetendra Khadka


Mithlesh Yadav

Online application only; needs to submit complete application


Rajan Manandhar

Needs to fill online application


Ram Hari Bhandari

Online application only; needs to submit complete application


Shivajee K. C.

Needs to fill online application


Srijana Katuwal

The date of start of academic session for all Graduate Program in the School of Engineering can be no later than 27 November 2016. Last date for Admission into any Graduate Program of the School is 09 December 2016 after which no candidate will be admitted in the academic session 2016/17.


School of Engineering
Kathmandu University

# Download of Notice in pdf.



Dr. Chhatra Sharma Got a Research Article Published

isms | 25 November, 2016 10:29

Dr. Chhatra Sharma, Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, along with his colleagues from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology, got a research article published in Environmental Earth Sciences, an international peer-reviewed journal.

The title of the article is "Spatial distribution, sources and risk assessment of potentially toxic trace elements and rare earth elements in soil of the Langtang Himalaya, Nepal".

The link to the article is: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12665-016-6140-1


First Program of Twenty-Second Convocation Held

editorial | 25 November, 2016 10:21

22 November 2016

The University held the first program of its twenty-second convocation in the premises of the School of Medical Sciences, Chaukot. 

A total of 1377 graduates from Bachelor and Masters Programs of medical sciences were awarded degrees in the ceremony. Altogether 9 graduates received MCh, MD, the highest degree in Medical Science.

The number of graduates program-wise is 189 in MD/MS, 946 in MBBS, 18 in BDS, 202 in BSc Nursing, 12 in BPT and 1 in BNS. 

Among those who received degrees, 7.26% are foreign students, which include 93 from India and 7 from Sri Lanka. Likewise, 52.51% of the total graduates are females.

Ms. Praneeta Rajbhandari of Lumbini Medical College, Palpa, received Gold Medal for scoring highest in the MBBS program.

The total number of medical graduates from KU till this year is 11047. This number justifies the University’s remarkable identity and status in the discipline of medicine.

Prof. Dr. Barney Glover, Vice Chancellor and President of University of Western Sydney, Australia, was the Special Guest to the ceremony.

The second program of the twenty-second convocation is being held on 28 November 2016 in the main campus premises. 

KUBIC organized 2-Day Workshop on Project Inception Tools

isms | 25 November, 2016 10:19

 2- Day Workshop on Project Inception Tools

Kathmandu University Business Incubation Center (KUBIC)

Kathmandu University Business Incubation Center (KUBIC) organized 2-Day Workshop on Project Inception Tools from 22- 23 November, 2016 at TTL Auditorium, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Supriya Koirala, Asst. Manager, Business Incubation Center and facilitated by Ms. Sujata Dhakal, Research Assistant, KUBIC. 15 participants furthered this course and were mainly staff/faculties/students from Science, Engineering, and Graduate students of Kathmandu University.

The workshop covered various tools on Project design i.e. Rich Picture, Stakeholder analysis (Actor analysis, Importance-Influence Matrix), Scenario Analysis, SWOT matrix and developing strategic objective. The participants were divided into three case group and worked on each case level on the above-mentioned tools.

Certificate of participation was distributed to all participants in the closing session by Prof. Dr. Bhupendra Bimal Chhetri, Dean, School of Engineering, Kathmandu University.

KUBIC extends gratitude for all the support and coordination in the program. We would appreciate your constant participation in the future programs too.

Thank you for your interest and contribution!




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