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EoI Call for Positions in RenewableNepal Programme

isms | 21 December, 2014 10:16

Kathmandu University (KU)

School of Engineering

“RenewableNepal” Programme


Call for Expression of Interest for Programme Management Positions in RenewableNepal Programme from KU Faculty/Staff or General Applicant

RenewableNepal is a Programme for supporting research based industrial development in Nepal. It funds R&D projects intended to develop product and services in renewable energy. It is jointly managed by Kathmandu University (KU), Nepal, and SINTEF Energy Research (SEfAS), Norway and is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). The programme is currently in transition from Phase I (2009-2014) to Phase II (in a new framework). A bridging period of one year has been planned for the year 2015.

Expression of interest is therefore sought for the following programme management positions from KU faculties/staffs or general applicants for one year.

  1. Programme Manager, Half Time (3 days/week on workdays of KU admin calendar)  Minimum qualification requirement: Masters degree  and 5 year of experience in relevant      discipline.       
  2. Assistant Programme Manager, Full Time (6 days/week on workdays of KU admin calendar):Masters degree and 1 year of experience in relevant discipline

The work place will be RenewableNepal office in Dhulikhel and service period will be of 1 year (01 January to 31 December, 2015).

The responsibilities include overall activity management (day to day operation, organization of meetings, planning of operations, execution of plans, reporting, financial management, etc.) and R&D project funding management (proposal evaluation, contracting, funding, monitoring, evaluation, report approval, cost approval, and outcome dissemination).

The expression of interest should be indicated in a cover letter stating educational & professional background and motivation for the desired position. It should be submitted along with recent curriculum vitae (CV) by 26 December 2014, 4:00 PM Nepalese Standard Time, via e-mail to renewablenepal@ku.edu.np.


Short listed applicants will be called to appear for an interview for final selection.


If a KU faculty/staff is selected for any position above, it will be a reallocation of responsibility; marginal salary top up may be provided depending budgetary provisions and current position of the faculty/staff. If a general applicant is selected, then the salary will be corresponding to standard salary of a position in KU that is relevant to the qualification of the applicant.

UNIQUE SCIENCE SEMINAR ON 'Science of Spiritual Biology'

isms | 21 December, 2014 10:12

Kathmandu University





Science of Spiritual Biology


The main focus of this seminar is to understand the scientific evidence from 21st century biology that disprove Darwinian objective evolution of bodies and the material origin of life – ‘abiogenesis’. Furthermore, the speakers will also highlight how the 21st century biology confirms that every living entity including unicellular organisms display cognitive behavior and hence confirms the ancient wisdom of SrimadBagavad-Gita that ‘Life requires cognition at all levels’.


The speakers, Bhakti NiskamaShanta, Ph.D. (Gen. Secretary, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Institute, Siliguri, WB, India) and Bhakti Vijnana Muni, Ph.D. (President, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Institute, Siliguri, WB, India) are holding doctoral degree in Ocean Engineering and Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, WB, India. Both of them are traveling Sanyasis and are actively spreading the Sanatana Dharma in a scientific language in several prominent universities and scientific organizations under the guidance of their Siksha Gurudev Sripad Bhakti Madhava Puri Maharaja, Ph.D. (Serving Director of Bhakti Vedanta Institute, Princeton, NJ, USA).


Date: December 24, 2014 Wednesday
Time: 2 pm
Venue: Mini Auditorium, CVR Auditorium

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