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Vacancy Announcement for Teaching Assistant for Laboratory Classes

isms | 07 December, 2014 10:39

Vacancy Announcement for Teaching Assistant for Laboratory Classes

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering (DESE) under the School of Science, Kathmandu University is seeking a candidate in the position of Teaching Assistant for Laboratory Clasesses. The incumbent will be stationed in the Pollution Laboratory of DESE and work under the direct Supervision of Head of the Department (HoD) of DESE and Program Co-ordinator of Environmental Engineering Field of Study.


Key Roles and Responsibilities


  1. The incumbent will work in the Pollution Laboratory situated in Block-6 of Dhulikhel campus.  The candidate is also expected to work in the Full Scale Constructed Wetland facility of the Dhulikhel campus, Premises where Lysimeter and other pilot scale facilities are located.  Frequent travel to the sampling sites, treatment plants, other analytical laboratories in Dhulikhel and out-of Dhulikhel is expected.
  2. The incumbent will prepare chemicals, sampling bottles, reagents and other essential items to run the experiments and analysis of the environmental quality parameters.
  3. The incumbent will receive instructions from the Faculty and Supervisors, conduct the laboratory sessions for the students and help students to run the experiments.
  4. The incumbent will help students undertaking project or thesis to design the reactors or other laboratory scale operating units, collect parts or other items from the market or workshops, assemble the parts and operate the facilities.
  5. The incumbent will collect samples and analyze various  parameters  as instructed by the PC EE or HOD DESE.
  6. The incumbent will estimate the quantities of the chemicals, reagents or items essential in the analytical laboratory or the experimental facilities.
  7. The incumbent will communicate with the Administrator or Finance office in purchasing the chemicals, equipments such as pumps, incubators and samplers.
  8. The incumbent will contact the supplier, receive the quotations and gets approval from the PC EE or HOD DESE in forwarding them to the concerned authorities.
  9. The incumbent will ensure the smooth functioning of the facilities such as constructed wetland the lysimeter.  He / She will identify the issues, concerns and operational problems of these facilities and report to the concerned Supervisors.
Required qualifications and Competencies

The candidate is expected to have at least Four Years Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Science or any other technical field (Liberal arts, Management or non-science degrees are considered as  Non-technical degrees). Prior Experience in any analytical laboratory is mandatory. Candidates without any prior experience but with a Master's Degree in relevant field will also be equally considered.   All interested candidates are requested to submit the completely filled in application form, copy of citizenship certificate or passport, the updated CV and copies of educational certificates and testimonials of work experience in hard copy by 14th December, 2014  to the following address:

Terms of Reference for the Teching Assistant(TA) for Laboratory Classes [Click Here]



Program Co-ordinator
Environmental Engineering Field of Study

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering (DESE)
School of Science, Kathmadnu University

Dhulikhel, Kavre

Admissions Open for Masters Program

isms | 07 December, 2014 08:07

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