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Annual GEO-ICT Journal GEOSPACE is jointly launched

isms | 12 December, 2012 11:27

The annual GEO-ICT Journal GEOSPACE is jointly  launched by Mr. Nagendra Jha, Director General, Survey Department, Mr. Kalyan Gopal Shrestha, Executive director, LMTC and Prof, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey, HOD, Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineeering in the program organised by GES, the departmental club of Geomatics Engineering Program on 4th December 2012 at Kathmandu. 

Assistant professor and Co-ordinator of Geomatics Engineering program Mr. Subash Ghimire addresses welcome speech. He mentions that the journal acts as knowledge and experiences sharing platform and creates awareness about Geomatics education and depicits scope of Geomatics. Referred to the editorial, he states that publishing the first issue, we have ignited the sparkles of fires, we have set on a journey that can only be defined by pace and eminenance of travel, never by its destination. Therefore, there is need for continued endeavor.

Mr. Nagendra Jha,  Director General, Survey Department, express his happiness to launch the journal and highlights the importance of human resource for solving different issues of cadastral map. Simililarly, Mr. Kalayan Gopal Shrestha focused on that the journal should include not only technical but management issues of Geoinformation. Prof, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey, HOD, clarifies the scope of Geomatics Engineering highlightimg traditional and modern technology for data handlings.

Mr. Ganesh Prasad Bhatta, Senior Survey officer, Survey Department comments on overall content of the journal and indicates the room for improvement of the article in the journal. Similarly, Mr. Naba Raj Subedi,Visiting Asssistant professor presented on GIS technology in Land Administration. Representing the industry, Mr. Pramod Lamsal, GIS manager, Geo Spatial System Ltd.  mentions that the GI community will be benefitted at large by sharing scientific, professional and research based article.   

Mr. Bishant Adhikari on behalf of editorial share the experiences collected during the Journal preparation  and Mr. Mahesh Thapa,GE graduate batch 2007 share his experiences about the formation of GES. 

Dr. Bhim P. Kafle, Assistant Professor of Dept. of Natural Science,has been awarded

isms | 12 December, 2012 11:26

Dr. Bhim P. Kafle, Assistant Professor of Dept. of Natural Science,has been awarded the  Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Award  for this year. As per the citation, Dr. Kafle has been selected for researching on development of theoretical model for doping of metal ions in thin film of fullerenes (third allotrope of carbon) for solar cell purpose, and also for investigating on uni-molecular decay processes of carbon clusters.

Grand Welcome Day observed

isms | 12 December, 2012 11:23

Office of the Director, Student Welfare, and Second Year students of the School of Science and School of Engineering, observed Grand Welcome on 11 Dec 2012 at Central Campus in Dhulikhel. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Bibek Baral and Mr. Hem Raj Kafle, Associate Directors of Student Welfare, emphasized on the importance of such activities, however management has always been a challenge. Prof. Dr. Subodh Sharma, Director of Student Welfare welcoming the first years, also appreciated second year students for their enthusiasm, without which this event would have not been possible. He further added that this tradition was introduced at Kathmandu University at the time when only I.Sc. programme was running. With so many different academic programmes being added and the number of students intake increasing each year at KU, it is indeed becoming very difficult to organize big events. But with highly discipline students, like this years’ batch and of course the second years, and their enthusiasm anything can be possible.


Present on the occasion were, besides first and second year students, Controller of Examinations, Chief Administrative Officer, other distinguished faculty members and staff. Main highlights of the event were besides performance from second and first years, the KU band, and the Night Band. The organizers expressed their heartfelt thanks to all those who were present on the occasion and those who were supporting it from a distance.

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