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isms | 08 August, 2012 17:47

August 8, 2012




It is hereby notified that the following applicants for 2012 undergraduate admission in School of Science and School of Engineering at Kathmandu University have been selected for admission in the programs as indicated below:

1.     B.E. Electrical & Electronics – Communication

2.     B.E. Electrical & Electronics – Power & Control

3.     B.E. Civil (Hydropower)

4.     B.E. Computer

5.     B.E. Mechanical

6.     B.E. Geomatics        (see additional notice for scholarship)

7.     B.Tech. Environmental Engineering

8.     B.Sc. Applied Physics

9.     B.Tech. Biotechnology

10.  B.Sc. Human Biology

11.  B.Pharm

12.  B.Sc. Environmental Science

13. B. Sc. Computer Science

Selected applicants are required to follow the following procedures by August 14, 2012.

1.     Fill up the admission and registration forms (the forms can be obtained from respective Dean’s Office)

4.     Pay the required fee to Kathmandu University’s Account at any branch of the following bank.

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL) – A/C No.: 00501030250009

5.     Attach the bank voucher to the completed admission form and submit the forms to the respective Dean’s Office.

6.     Amount to be paid on admission.


  • In the event that erroneous information or invalid documents have been provided by the applicant, intentionally or otherwise, the admission will be automatically cancelled.
  • Candidates who fail to complete the process by 3 pm, August 14, 2012 will not be considered for admission to the program.
  • Please follow the KU website for subsequent verification and admission lists.



________________                                                                                      _____________

Dean,                                                                                                          Dean,

School of Science                                                                                         School of Engineering


KUCAT 2012 Notice Correction in Verification List

isms | 08 August, 2012 14:59

August 8, 2012

KUCAT 2012


Correction in Verification List


Due to some technical error, the following candidates had been published in the document verification list for the BE in Computer Engineering as per the announcement dated August 4, 2012.


Seat No



Manoj Kumar Patel


Devraj Dahal


Laxman Timilsina


Bijay Acharya


Pranuj Amatya


Praneel Acharya


Arati Chaudhary


Ashish Pant


Since BE Computer Engineering is not one of their preferences, they cannot be considered for the admission in the above mentioned program.

Hence, the candidates are requested to wait for the publication of the subsequent lists in their preferred programs.


________________                                                                            _____________

Dean,                                                                           Dean,

School of Science                                                          School of Engineering

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