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International Seminar on Solar Photovoltaic Systems, 11-12 December 2011

isms | 29 July, 2011 10:21


An Alternate Solution for the Growing Energy Demand
11-12 December 2011

Jointly organized by:
Kathmandu University,
Dhulikhel, Nepal, www.ku.edu.np
Alternative Energy Promotion Center / Energy Sector Assistance Programme,
Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal, www.aepc.gov.np

The interest in the use of renewable energy services has grown dramatically during the past few years. Renewable energy sources include mostly biomass, solar energy, wind and hydropower. The uses of solar photovoltaic has become synonymous with renewable energy and are most applicable in rural and remote areas that have no access to electricity grids-places that are often the habitat of poor people in developing countries. Many developing countries are now looking to expand and enhance the use of solar photovoltaic technologies. However many challenges, constraints and barriers remain, to the use of solar photovoltaic systems and promotion of associated technologies. Policy and planning frameworks are required to promote institutional awareness and innovation of solar photovoltaic systems in the public and private sectors.

It has been felt by all the sectors that the solar photovoltaic technology can play an important role of fulfilling the growing needs of energy of the technologically advanced world of today. In the context of environmental, social, political and economic concerns that are highlighting a stronger case for cleaner and more efficient energy, there is a growing prospect for solar photovoltaic systems. In this context, the seminar will help in the exchanging experience and information on solar photovoltaic technology, its prospects and challenges for the growing energy demand.

The Seminar covers the following general topics with respect to solar photovoltaic system
 ¨ Solar photovoltaic technology
¨ Solar thermal technology for electrical power generation
¨ Solar photovoltaic system components-batteries, inverters, charge controllers, lamps etc.
¨ Grid connected systems, stand alone systems and hybrid systems
¨ Building integrated photovoltaic systems
¨ Solar photovoltaic system monitoring and control
¨ Solar photovoltaic system planning and policies
¨ Socio-economic impact of Solar photovoltaic systems
¨ Solar Photovoltaic systems marketing and dissemination

Important Links

Program Schedule  |    Brochure    |    Registration Form    |    Abstract Submission

Important Dates:
¨ Announcement of Seminar: 29 July 2011
¨ Deadline of submission of Abstract: 3 November 2011
¨ Notification of Acceptance: 13 
November 2011
¨ Submission of Full Paper: 28 November 2011
- Registration Deadline
Student: 20th November 2011(Limited Numbers)
Others: 5th December 2011 

Seminar Date: 11-12 December 2011

Seminar Venue:

Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel

Registration Fees:
Students – NPR 1000
Individual – NPR 3500
Corporate – NPR 4500
International– USD 80

 Contact address:
Shailendra Kumar Jha / Diwakar Bhujel / Brajesh Mishra
School of Engineering, Kathmandu University
Dhulikhel, Kavre
Email: spvs@ku.edu.np
Telephone: +977-11-661399 (Ext. no. 0307, 0612, 0819, 0823)
Fax: 977-11-661443
Web address: www.ku.edu.np, www.aepc.gov.np

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