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Dr. Subedi present the paper in ICPE 2009, Bangkok, Thailand

isms | 28 October, 2009 13:42

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Dr. Deepak Prasad Subedi participated and presented a research paper in the International Conference on Physics Education (ICPE 2009), held in Bangkok, Thailand, during Oct. 18-24 2009. The title of his presentation was Contact angle measurement and its importance in surface characterization.   In the mean time, he also attended the meeting of the national point of contact of the Asian Physics Education Network (ASPEN) held in the same venue.

Workshop in Renewable Nepal

isms | 27 October, 2009 14:48

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Renewable Nepal Kickoff Workshop was held in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel on October 27, 2009. The ‘Renewable Nepal project aims to stimulate industrial application research in renewable energy technologies at Nepalese Universities, by financially supporting industry institution partnership researches. The project is funded by NORAD and is jointly managed by Kathmandu University, Nepal and SINTEF Energiforsking AS (SEFAS) Norway. Under the project framework, a number of selected industry institution partnership research projects will be supported financially upto 80% of the total project costs.

At the workshop, MOU was signed between Kathmandu University and NORAD by the Vice-Chancellor of the university Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma and His Excellency the Ambassador of Norway Mr. Thor Gislesen respectively.


KU marks 15th Convocation

isms | 23 October, 2009 13:08

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Kathmandu University observed its 15th Convocation Ceremony on the date October 23, 2009 in Central campus, Dhulikhel. On the occasion, Chancellor Prime Minister Mr. Madav Kumar Nepal and Chief Guest Professor S.S.M.K. Kshanika Hirimburegama vice-chancellor of Colombo University from Sri Lanka, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Suresh Raj Sharma, Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar Registrar, Deans, students and other distinguished guest observe the ceremony.


Hundreds of students received their convocation oath and certificate of completion on the occasion. Along with certificate some outstanding students Miss Prachiya Pokharel received Chancellor Medal and Joda Bahadur Shrestha Medal, similarly Mr. Hemanta Manali received Vice-Chancellor Medal, and Mr. Subhash Kadel received a RanaBahadur Shah Award.


Chief Guest of the Ceremony

Professor S.S.M.K. Kshanika Hirimburegama, B.Sc.(Col); M.Phil. (Pdn); Ph.D. (Belgium); was appointed the Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo with effect from 2nd January 2008 by His Excellency, the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Prior to taking this office she was Head of the Department of Plant Sciences and a Member of the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. She has received many prestigious awards such as “Woman of Achievement-2006” by Zonta Club-1 of Colombo and has authored 40 research publications/Communications.


She is the first lady chief guest to attend the convocation in Nepal.


Here is the detail of 15th Convocation of KU in various National Daily.


1.       Nagrik

2.       Kantipur

3.       Kathmandu Post

4.       Samachar Patra

Photo Gallery 

Press Release about 15th Convocation

isms | 23 October, 2009 13:02

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"KU towards progress" from Anapurana Post National Daily

isms | 13 October, 2009 13:59

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