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6th Jun 2009, Celebration of 210th Birth Anniversary of Puskin in Kathmandu

isms | 06 July, 2009 21:43

Russian Center of Science and Culture Kathmandu organized a commemoration programme to mark the 210th birth anniversary of the Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin on 6th June.
The chief guests of the programme were Ambassador of Russia to Nepal A.L. Trofimov, Vice-Chancelor of Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University Prof. Suresh Raj Sharma and Prof. Madhav Sharma and President of the Nepal-Russia Literary Association Tejeshwor B. Gongah. Other attendees were Nepalese famous poets, writers, literary critics, representatives from different NGOs, Russian compatriots in Nepal and the public.

At the beginning of the programme a 30 minutes long documentary about the life and works of Pushkin was screened. Writer and Critic Abhi Subedi presented a detailed report on the works of the Great Russian poet Pushkin. 

Vice-Chancellor of KU and TU Prof. Suresh Raj Sharma and Prof. Madhav Sharma joingly released a book of poetry collection entitled “The poems of Pushkin and Tutchev” translated by professor of Kathmandu University and expert in Russian literature Dr. Jangab Chauhan on this great occasion. This book provides the opportunity for Nepalese readers to know about the works of two Russian poets Pushkin and Tutchev in their native language. RCSC Kathmandu provided some supports in publishing the book. 

Speaking at the programme Russian Ambassador to Nepal Andrey L. Trofimov opined that the translation of the book helps a lot in strengthening the cultural ties between the countries but the translation of poetry of the poets in another language is very difficult job. He congratulated Prof. Dr. Chauhan for his significant job and also appreciated him for choosing this great day to release the book. He also added that such translations help to learn about the foreign culture, literature, language and country. Addressing the programme, he shed light on the works and life of Pushkin.

Amidst the programme, Tatyana Novikova and Arseny Starkov recited the poems of Pushkin & Tutchev and Dr. Chauhan translated them into Nepali. There was also a photo and book exhibitions on this occasion.

The event was attended by more than 200 invitees and covered in some national newspapers.
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