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    Welcome to KU International Centre (KUIC)

Kathmandu University International Center (KUIC) is situated in the heart of Dhulikhel Municipality, which offers the spectacular view of the Majestic Himalayan peaks and beautiful rice terraces and is accessible by long and short route buses and other vehicles. Dhulikhel is one of the best tourist destinations of Nepal close to Kathmandu, which is just about 45-minute drive. Other beautiful cities very close to it are Banepa and Panauti.

Two major highways pass through Dhulikhel; one is the Arniko highway leading to the Chinese border, which is 85 km east of KUIC.  The other is the Banepa-Bardibas Highway, which links the eastern region of Nepal with the capital.


KUIC is established primarily to provide accommodation for guests of Kathmandu University. The Centre has also offered workshops, seminars and meetings to many national and international organizations. KUIC is available for bookings by credible organizations at a very competitive price. The facilities are provided for bookings on first come first served basis. So, if you are organizing a workshop or your meetings in Dhulikhel area, please plan early and contact us for details.

Facilities and Services


Fourteen well-furnished rooms with private balcony, pantry and attached bath are available, offering a panoramic view of the Himalayan Peaks. Each room is equipped with telephone, Internet, and heating system.


Nepalese Rupees

Double Room Single Occupancy


Double Room Double Occupancy



KUIC has mutual understanding with Dhulikhel Lodge Resort (DLR) which is 100 meters away from KUIC; guests can go there for refreshment.  Food and beverages can also be ordered from DLR if required.
Only Nepali dishes are available at KUIC at reasonable cost.   


Nepalese Rupees







Conference Hall

The conference facility in the international center is excellent for meetings, workshops, seminars and special events. The hall is equipped with the latest presentation aids like multimedia, audio-visual, and overhead projector that can comfortably accommodate up to 60 participants.   Plan for further expansion is being worked out.  


Cost Rupees Per/Day

Conference Hall




Overhead Projector





Other Services

  • Fax, STD/ISTD, and postal services

  • Reference Section/Recreational Center

  • Open space facility for about 200 individuals

  • Roof top lobbies

  • Well maintained garden

  • Laundry services

  • Vehicles are available on hire

  • Parking facility for about 20 vehicles

  • Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital, is 1 km away from KUIC, will provide 24-hour medical services in case of emergency.






Bed Room




Bed Room


Roof Top Garden


Seminar Hall

Activities at Dhulikhel

Residents who stay in KUIC could also spend their spare time for various other activities at Dhulikhel, like, trekking, driving, cycling, sightseeing, and rafting.

  • Trekking: There are many treks of varying length and duration around Dhulikhel. The most popular is the walk to Panauti (an ancient riverside town), Namo Buddha Stupa, Nagarkot, Bhakundebeshi and Palanckock Bhagawati.

  • Driving: The Tibet border is 85 km from Dhulikhel. It can be reached by both public and private transport. Tatopani with its natural hot springs is on the Nepal side. Khasa, a beautiful Tibetan town, can be seen from the border.

  •  Sightseeing: Beautiful old town of Dhulikhel is surrounded by many ancient temples and cultural heritages.

  •  Rafting: From mid-September-to mid-June, a fun-filled day of rafting on the Sun Koshi River offers an exciting experience of riverine rural Nepal. It starts from the spectacular Sun Koshi gorge, and reaches Dolalghat, a fascinating confluence of Indrawati and Sun Koshi rivers.

Contact Us
For any enquiries and booking of the facilities and guest rooms, please contact us at:

Telephone:       (977) 661399, 661196
                 (977) 661443



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