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Information System Management Section (ISMS) at Kathmandu University explores and implements appropriate uses of technology to support programs in instruction, research and creative activities, economic development and service. ISMS provides local and remote access to university resources, programs and services, maintains and works to improve university administrative functions, including student information, human resource, and financial systems. Our university is keen in implementation of technology programs and services, and position as a near follower in adopting new trends and capabilities.

Change is a constant during the planning horizon. The Information Technology industry is extremely volatile, and the needs and expectations of our constituents continue to grow dramatically. This planning process has identified major trends and directions, and seeks to guide change within our institution to effectively develop, monitor, evaluate, implement, and implement appropriate policies, resources, and services to strengthen teaching, research, service, and outreach activities.

KU strives to use technology as a tool to enhance and empower faculty and students and improve service to our community. Significant resources are devoted to technology and we must manage and coordinate projects and services to obtain the most from these investments.

Kathmandu University Information System Management Section is dedicated to:

  • Improve the use of technology to support teaching and learning.
  • Improve access to information.
  • Improve infrastructure and increase connectivity.
  • Maximize benefits of investments in technology.
  • Improve effectiveness of KU Information Technology operations.
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