Illumination Engineering - Project ELNAB, co-funded by ERASMUS+ Program of EU

Courses offered as an elective and training course in the field of Illumination Engineering has been developed and practiced at Kathmandu University as an outcome of ELNAB (Promoting Energy Efficient Lighting Education in Nepal and Bhutan) Project.


ERASMUS+ Co- Funded


The overall objective of the project is to support Nepali and Bhutanese Higher Education Institutions to provide education that promotes sustainable socio-economic development. The project aims to assist Nepal and Bhutan to reduce electricity consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions through capacity building of human resources in the fields of energy efficient lighting systems.

The specific objectives of the project are:

1. To raise awareness in efficient lighting management and to identify important factors of needs and opportunities in efficient lighting in Nepal and Bhutan
2. To develop energy efficient lighting courses and lighting laboratory
3. To enhance and upgrade the skills of teaching staffs for improved academic environment


Courses developed in the project


Illumination Engineering

Advance Illumination Engineering

Training Course

Student willing to take the course should apply for the course during course registration for elective course. For the training course, department will publish notice for the call for application.



The laboratory equipment has been acquired from the project in addition to existing lighting lab facility of Kathmandu University. The major equipment acquired are Spectrophotometer with integrating sphere, goniometer, luminance meter and illuminance meter.



Spectrophotometer with integrating sphere for optical and electric characteristic measurement of light source


Portable goniometer


 Luminance meter

 Illuminance meter


Course of Study

Course of Study

Project Page

Project Page



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