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Following is a list of Fourth Year Projects undertaken by the final year students at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. You can find some information on the project by clicking on the link. We are working on putting as much information as possible and updating the remaining lists.

For readers: If you want detailed information on any of these projects, the hard of the thesis is availabble in the department.

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Batch 2010

  • Cell Planning of 3G UMTS Mobile Network- Karki Aahana, Shrestha Rejin
  • Congestion Control In Real Time Communication- Khanal Sanjay, Shrestha Bikesh Ghinangju
  • Comparative Analysis of Different Algorithms Used in Wireless Sensor Network- Dahal Aastha, Adhikari Sambhavi
  • Simulation of Phased Patch Array as Smart Antenna System- Dwa Prasanna, Bista Rajeev
  • Simulation and Analysis of Downlink Capabilities of the Physical Layer of LTE-A(Long Term Evolution Advance)- Dhamala Anupama Shree, Dani Prajun
  • Analysis of Energy Efficient MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network- Rajbhandari Prakriti, Ranjit Gaurav
  • Study of Multi Topology ZigBee Based Wireless Sensing Network- Byanju Deepsikha, Katuwal Rakesh Kumar
  • Analysis of Quality of Service in WiMAX Network- Rimal Apekshya, Upadhyaya Bikalpa Raj
  • Performance Analysis of Turbo Code- Chhetri Kushal, Shilpakar Pawan, Nepal Rabin
  • Load Calculation and Illumination Design Of Inge Johanson Block, Kathmandu University- Shrestha Ravi Raj, Silwal Milan
  • Design of the Manual to Study The Characteristics Of Induction Motor- Regmi Tika Ram, Tamang Dev Raj
  • Design of Mini Grid Power System - Gaihre Bikram, Pokhrel Shishir
  • Wind Turbine Based SEIG Under Balanced/Unbalenced Load And Excitation - Parajuli Suroj, Subedi Saugat
  • Automatic Power Control from Different Sources (Mains, Generator and Solar) -Sharma Pradeep, Tamang Nabin
  • Performance analysis of distribution system of existing substation- KC Ravi Bikram, Sitaula Nisib
  • Design and Fabrication of Boost Converter- Rawal Keshar Bahadur, Shrestha Suman
  • Solar Efficiency Measurement - Atreya Ashish Aryal, Ranjit Sachin
  • Microcontroller Based Control of DC Motor- Tandukar Sabin, Adhikari Karuna
  • Project Appraisal for Rehabilitation & Upgrading Of Tinau Hydropower- Nagarkoti Madhav Prasad, Yadav Anisha Kumari
  • Economic Analysis of the Photo Voltaic Panel in the Building of Electrical Department - Khakurel Aprameya
  • Reactive Power Flow Assessment and Reinforcement of Integrated Nepalese Power System (INPS) And Its Economic Analysis - Gyawali Birat, Nepal Shyamala
  • V-I Characteristics of LED - Poudel Phadindra

Batch 2005

  • Simulation of Terrestrial Microwave Link- Namish Kumar Chalise, Abarodh Koirala
  • GIS Based Improved GSM Subscriber Positioning- Ankit Jajodia, Sushil Khadka
  • Vehicle Tracking System- Sobhakant Dhungana, Anuj Kattel
  • Design, Installation and Evaluation of Backbone Network and Servers in Engineering Block- Queree Bajracharya, Bristi Bade Shrestha
  • Design, Installation and Evaluation of Wired and Wireless LANs in Engineering Block- Sudeep Regmi, Shashi Shah
  • GPS Based Position Tracking System- Gaurab Karki, Jeevan Shrestha, Janak Thapa
  • Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform- Anikraman Neupane, Santosh Parajuli
  • Implementation of CDMA on FPGA Using Verilog- Jagadish Shah, Kumud Koirala
  • Enhancement of Audio Signal Using TI-DSK- Binita Shrestha, Rosha Pokhrel
  • Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Network- Yaju Pradhan, Samata Shrestha

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