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COEG 401

COEG 401            CONTROL SYSTEMS DESIGN                     3 Credits

Objective: To extend the design methods from control engineering, to learn using control system design tools, and to introduce equipment for realisation of control systems.


Introduction: The control problem; System specification: demands and desires; System realisation: analog and digital systems, design tools and approaches

System description and analysis: Single-Input-Single-Output (SISO) systems; Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) systems; Linearization; Block-diagrams, transfer functions (matrices), state space methods; Controllability and observability.

Computer simulation and realization: Introduction to computer tools for analysis and design; Bock diagrams and op-amp circuits; Realisation of transfer functions and state space models

Design criteria and constraints: Performance criteria in time domain: steady state and transient performance; Noise and disturbances; Frequency domain criteria; Relative stability: robustness; Non-linear devices: relays, saturation, hysteresis

Control system structures: Feedback control: dynamic response, effect of disturbances; Feedforward control: from disturbance and reference, frequency analysis and design; Cascaded control systems: internal feedback

System design methods: Criteria and specification; Transfer function specification: frequency response, pole-zero cancellations; State-space methods: pole placement and root locus; Digital control system design; Simulations and system identification

PID-controllers: Control actions and automatic controllers; Sensors, controllers and actuators; Device analysis; Documentation


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Course of Study

Course of Study

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