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EPEG 422

EPEG 422            SOLID STATE DRIVES                         3 Credits

Objective: To introduce students to AC and DC drives for industrial applications.


Drive Characteristics: Characteristics of mechanical systems; Selection of drives

D.C. Drives: Single phase and 3-phase convert fed drives; Continuous and discontinuous conduction modes; SCR based Class B, Class C and Class D commutation; Chopper fed drivers and braking; Chopper for DC drives; Inching and closed loop drive systems

Stator Controlled Induction Motor Drives: Voltage controlled drive; V/f control; VSI and CSI fed drives, characteristics, braking and energy saving; Closed loop control.

Rotor Controlled Induction Motor Drives: Rotor resistance control, characteristics, types of rotor choppers; Torque equation; Slip power recovery scheme; Sub-synchronous and super synchronous operations; Method of improving power factor; Closed loop control.

Synchronous Motor Drives: Open loop V/f control; VSI fed and CSI fed drives; Need for leading power factor operation; Self control; Starting method; Solid state excitation system for synchronous motors.

Field Oriented Control of AC Drives


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Course of Study

Course of Study

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