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ETEG 301

ETEG 301                               COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS                                3 Credits

Objective: To provide an overview of telecommunications circuits, systems and applications.


Communications Concepts: Signal properties and their applications in communications; Amplitude modulation and demodulation: AM, SSBSC, DSBSC; Frequency modulation and demodulation: NBFM, WBFM, signal quality; Digital signals, sampling, ADC, DAC, coding principles; Digital modulation and transmission; Bearer circuits, radio, microwave, lightwave

Communication Networks: Networking concepts, local access, trunking, international signaling, call establishment; Analog and digital networks; Speech coding and multiplexing; Data communications concepts, modem operation; Internet, local & wide area networks (LAN, WAN, WLL); Paging systems

Radio Transmission Systems: Broadcasting concepts and wave propagation; High frequency (HF) systems; Mobile transmission system, analog history, GSM, CDMA, cell architecture; Introduction to digital broadcasting; Radar systems

Optical Fiber Systems: Light wave generation and detection, optical modulation techniques, fiber performance, terminating, splicing

Satellite Systems: Elements of satellite communication system, orbital dynamics, geo-stationary, LEO, MEO, GPS, link budgets, SBR, antenna concepts, satellite broadcasting


  1. Roddy and Coolen, Communication Systems
  2. Kennedy, Communication Systems, McGraw Hill
  3. Anttalainen T, Introduction to Telecommunications Network Engineering, Artech House1999

Course of Study

Course of Study

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