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EPEG 318

EPEG 318            POWER ELECTRONICS                        3 Credits

Objective: To extend the treatment covered in earlier courses in electronics towards power and industrial electronics.


Introduction: Recent advancement in power electronics and its application; Power semiconductor switching devices; power diodes, power transistors, power MOSFET, IGBT, MCT, and their characteristics; Freewheeling diodes, diodes with RC and RL, LC and RLC loads.

Thyristor: Principle of operation, construction, two transistor analogy, gate characteristics, ratings, turn on/off mechanism, protection and cooling, firing circuits, opto-isolators and pulse transformers, trigger devices (UJT, PUT, DIAC, UJT/PUT relaxation oscillator), series and parallel operation of thyristors, Triacs and GTOs)

Static Switches: Single phase and three phase AC switches, three-phase reversing switches, AC switches for bus transfer, DC switches, solid state relays, and design of static switches.

Thyristor Converters: Single and three-phase rectification, half- and full- controlled rectifiers, introduction to twelve pulse converters, rectifiers with inductive load, AC voltage controllers and cyclo converters; Harmonic analysis and their remedial methods.

Inverters: Principles and types, adjustment of AC frequency and voltage, PWM-inverter; Commutation; Inverter operation with inverse power flow.   

Choppers: Introduction and classification, step down and step up chopper, force commutation, two-quadrant chopper, circuit configuration and switching sequence

Miscellaneous Applications and Problems: Some special applications: SMPS, UPS, static VAR compensation, thyristor applications in non-conventional energy sources, electronic load controller

Computer Applications: Modeling, simulation and control


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