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COEG 301

COEG 301                                   CONTROL ENGINEERING                                     3 Credits

Objective: To introduce the principles of automatic control systems and their applications to engineering processes.


Introduction: Definition of control systems, history and examples

Mathematical Modeling: Physical balances, differential equations

Laplace Transform: Definitions, transfer functions, mathematical block diagrams

Time Response Analysis: Standard test signals, first order systems, second order systems, steady state response

Feedback Characteristics: Parameter variations, system dynamics, disturbance effects

Stability Analysis: Definitions based on impulse response, Routh’s criterion, root locus

Frequency Response Analysis: Definitions, Bode diagrams and graphical representations

Stability in Frequency Domain: Definitions, Nyquist’s stability criterion, Bode-Nyquist stability criterion, closed-loop frequency response and Nichols’ chart, stability margins

Design of Linear Control Systems: Specifications, PID-controllers, serial compensation, internal feedback, experimental methods, feed-forward control

State Space Analysis: Definition of multivariable systems, matrix representation of differential equations, transfer matrix, introduction to multivariable feedback


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Course of Study

Course of Study

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