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EPEG 302

EPEG 302            ADVANCED ELECTRICAL MACHINERY                3 Credits

Objective: To provide a thorough understanding of the design, performance and applications of important electrical machines.


Power Transformers: Types, construction and applications, transformers tapping, per unit systems, three phase connections and harmonic suppression, vector groups, three-phase transformation using two transformers, parallel operation and load division, cooling systems of transformers, specific loading and output equations of power transformers.

Three-Phase Induction Motors: Principle of operation, rotating magnetic field, production of torque, reversal of rotation, squirrel cage and wound rotor construction, equivalent circuit, synchronous speed, slip and its effect on rotor frequency and voltage, equivalent circuit, losses and efficiency, no load and blocked rotor tests, transformation ratio, power and torque, power factor, torque-speed characteristics, starting and speed control, Induction generator

Synchronous Generators: Introduction, construction, power and torque, speed and frequency, EMF equation, alternators on load, vector diagram, voltage regulation, equivalent circuit, measurement of parameters, generator operating alone, capability chart, synchronization, parallel operation with infinite bus and power sharing, parallel operation of same size generators, loss of field excitation, cooling systems, shut down procedures

Synchronous Motors: Principle of operation, torque, torque-angle characteristics, method of starting, counter voltage (CEMF) and armature reaction voltage, excitation method, V curves, losses and efficiency, power factor improvement, speed control, ratings, hunting and damping

Single-Phase Induction Motors: Crossfield and revolving field theory, working, torque-speed characteristics and applications of split-phase induction motor

Computers Applications in Modern Machines: Computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM).


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  11. P S Bhimbra, Theory of electric Machine
  12. K. Shawany Electrical Machine Design

Course of Study

Course of Study

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