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ETEG 303

ETEG 303                   DATA COMMUNICATION NETWORKS                            3 Credits

Objective: To develop a broad understanding of data communications and networking


Part I: Data Communication

Data Transmission: Concept and terminology, analog signals, analog to digital, digital to analog.

Data Encoding: Digital data, digital signals, analog signals, analog to digital, digital to analog.

Digital Data Communication Techniques: Asynchronous and synchronous transmission, error detecting techniques, interfacing.

Data Link Control: Line configuration, flow control, error control, bio-oriented link control.

Multiplexing: Frequency division multiplexing (FDM), time division multiplexing (TDM).

Part II: Data Communication Networking

Communication Networking Technique: Communication networks, circuit switching, message switching, packet switching, broadcast networks.

Circuit Switching: Digital switching concepts, digital switching devices, the digital private branch exchange, the public telecommunications network.

Packet Switching: Virtual circuits and datagram, routing, traffic control, error control.

Radio and Satellite Networks: Packet radio architecture, satellite network architecture, satellite channel access protocols.

Local Networks: Local network technology, the Bus/Tree topology the ring topology LAN and WAN, LAN protocol.

Computer Communications Architecture: Protocols, the ISO and OSI model, the network interface, circuit switched network access: X.21, packet-switched network access: X.25, broadcast network access: LLC, principle of internetworking, the bridge, X.75, Internet and E-Mail.

Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN): Overview, transmission structure, user access, ISDN protocols.



  1. W. Stallings, Data and Computer Communication, 2nd Ed., Maxwell Macmillan 1989
  2. John Freer, Computer Communications and Networks, Affiliated East-West   


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