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EPEG 301

EPEG 301                  POWER APPARATUS AND SYSTEMS                                3 Credits

Objective: To provide an overview and fundamentals of Electric Power System to communication students.


Introduction to Power Systems: Historical developments, basic structure; Power generation: thermal, hydro & nuclear power plants; Non-conventional futuristic energy sources; Energy storage and conservation facilities

Supply Systems: Introduction to electric supply system, effect of system voltage on line efficiency, comparison of various supply systems, ac power supplies scheme, choice of system voltage, conductor size and Kelvin’s law

Distribution Systems: DC distribution system- radial and ring mains, three wire systems, interconnected systems; AC distribution systems-method of calculations with concentrated load

Transmission Systems: AC & DC transmission, overhead and cable transmission schemes, hardware aspects characteristics and performance short, medium and long lines, Ferranti effect, equivalent circuit of a long line, power flow through a transmission line.

Mechanical Design of Overhead Lines: Main component of overhead lines, conductor materials; Types of insulator- pin type, suspension type, strain insulators, shackle insulator; Corona; Calculation of sag and tension

Major Electrical Plant in Power Stations: Generators and excitors; Earthing of power system; Power transformers– types and characteristics selection and specifications; Principles of circuit interruption, circuit breakers types and characteristics, selection and specifications; Layout of electrical equipment; Current limiting reaction-use and location.

Protective Relaying for Power Systems: Principles and characteristics of protection relaying, theory and classification of relays, AC generator protection, busbar protection  


  1. V.K. Mehata, Principles of Power Systems
  2. Asfaq Husain, Electrical Power Systems

Course of Study

Course of Study

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