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EEEG 309

EEEG 309                   ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND WAVES                              3 Credits

Objective: To extend the introductory first year course in electricity and magnetism and to provide an in depth understanding of the concepts and engineering application of electromagnetic fields and waves.


Introduction: Review of electromagnetism, Laplace's and Poisson's equations, boundary value problems, sinusoidally varying field, Maxwell's equation in phasor form.

Uniform Plane Waves: Uniform plane waves in free space, wave polarization, the wave equation and solutions for material media, wave impedances and intrinsic impedance, waves in dielectrics and conductors, Poynting vector, power dissipation, energy storage, refraction and reflection, standing waves, skin depth.

Transmission Lines: Transmission line configurations, transmission line equations, primary and secondary parameters, time domain analysis, discontinuties and reflection, shorted and open line, reflection coefficient, VSWR, arbitrary terminations, impedance matching, Smith Chart, matching methods, the dissipative transmission line.

Waveguides: Introduction to waveguides, TE and TM modes in a parallel-plate wave guide, dispersion, phase and group velocities, rectangular waveguides, cylindrical waveguides, cavity resonators, dielectric waveguides, optical waveguides and systems.

Antennas and Radiating Systems: Retarded potentials, the Hertzian dipole, radiation resistance, directivity, aperture and gain, thin linear antennas, arrays, aperture antennas,


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Course of Study

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