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EEEG 313

EEEG 313                          SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS                                  3 Credits

Objective: To understand the properties of continuous and discrete time systems and signals used in all branches of electrical engineering.


Introduction: Signal classification, use of signals, examples of signals, continuous and discrete time signals and systems

Linear Time-Invariant (LTI) Systems: Signal representation, use of pulses; Discrete-time LTI-systems: the convolution sum; Continuous-time LTI-systems: the convolution integral; Properties of LTI-systems

Fourier Series and Transform: Fourier series: representation of periodic signals and properties; Fourier integral: representation of aperiodic and periodic signals; Forward and reverse/inverse Fourier transforms; Fourier transform properties

Fourier Analysis for Discrete Time Signals and Systems: Discrete time Fourier series: representation of periodic signals and properties; Discrete time Fourier transform (DTFT): representation of aperiodic signals; Forward and inverse/reverse DTFT; Properties of DTFT

Signal Transmission: Filtering: frequency selective and frequency shaping; Modulation

Noise, Energy and Power: White and colored noise, stochastic signals, finite energy and finite power signals, Parseval's theorems, signal to noise ratio

Sampling of Continuous Signals: Sampling and aliasing, the sampling theorem, conversion to discrete time signals, reconstruction and zero-order hold compensation

Discrete Time Signals and Systems: Discrete time systems and difference equations; z-transform: convergence, properties, finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR) filters, correlation: cross correlation and auto correlation


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  2. Oppenheim et al, Signals and Systems, PHI 1995
  3. Chen, System and Signal Analysis, Saunders College Publishing
  4. Proakis and Manolaakis, Digital Signal Processing 2nd Ed., PHI 1995

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Course of Study

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