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EEEG 314

EEEG 314                               MICROPROCESSORS                                                  3 Credits

Objective: To become familiar with the operation, programming, interfacing and applications of Intel 8 bit and 16-bit microprocessors.


Introduction: Basic Block diagram of a microcomputer, Stored program computer (Von Neumann Architecture) and related terminologies; History of microprocessor (focus on Intel Series); Microprocessors applications

8 Bit Microprocessor: Study of Intel 8085, internal functional diagram, pin functions, architectural features, programming model, instruction set, addressing modes, and programming; Timing diagram

16 Bit Microprocessor: Study of Intel 8086/8088 CPU architecture, operation, instruction set and programming, pins and signal, bus cycles, timing diagram

Intel 8086/8088 Interrupt Processing: Interrupt types, interrupt processing sequence for 8085 and 8086; Interrupt controller 8259

Support Chips for 8086/8088: Intel 8288 bus controller, 8284 clock generator, latches 8282, bus transceiver 8286 etc.                                                     

Input/Output Interfaces: Serial communication interfaces: asynchronous communication, synchronous communication, physical communication standards-RS 232C, 8251A, programmable communication interface, internal functional diagram, programming; Parallel Communication: 8255A programmable peripheral interface, internal functional diagram and programming.

Programmable Timers and Event Counters: Intel’s 8253/8254 programmable interval timer, internal functional diagram and operating modes

DMA: Operation, DMA controller 8237/8257(simple introduction)

Simple System Design Using Intel 8086/8088 (Interfacing I/O and Memories)

Comparative Study of the Intel Microprocessors


  1. John Uffenbeck, Microcomputers and Microprocessors, The 8080, 8085 and Z-80 Programming, Interfacing and Troubleshooting 3/e, PHI
  2. Barry B. Brey, The INTEL Microprocessors 8086/8088, 80186, 80286, 80386 and 80486, Pentium, Pentium Pro-Pentium-4 6/e (Architecture, Programming and Interfacing), Pearson Education Asia.
  3. John Uffenbeck, Intel 80x86 Microprocessors 3/e Pearson Education, 2001
  4. Ramesh S Gaonkar, Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085 4/e

Course of Study

Course of Study

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