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EEEG 215

EEEG 215          ELECTRICAL MACHINERY FUNDAMENTALS            3 Credits

Objective: To provide an understanding of the fundamentals, performance and applications of various electrical machines.


Transformers Fundamentals: Importance and Applications of transformers; Types and construction, ideal transformer; Theory and operation of single-phase transformers; EMF equation, vector diagram, no load and transient characteristics, voltage regulation, losses and efficiency, equivalent circuits parameters; Transformer tests; Three phase transformers, delta star connections; Introduction to pulse transformers and autotransformers

Electromechanical Energy Conversion: Forces and torque in magnetic field systems; Energy balance; Singly excited system, multiple excited system; Dynamic equations

DC Generators: Introduction to simple linear machine; A loop rotating between pole faces; Generator principles, construction, winding, generator types, losses and efficiency, no load and load characteristics, armature reaction and commutation, interpoles or compoles, parallel operation of generators, induced voltage and torque equations, equivalent circuit magnetization curve

DC Motors: Motor principles, types, construction and output characteristics of different motors, speed control, starting, applications, losses and efficiency; Introduction to brushless DC motors; Testing of DC machines; Reversing and braking

AC Machines: Types and applications of AC machines: induction and synchronous machines; Principles of operations of AC machines; Single phase induction motor: torque-speed characteristics and applications of split-phase, capacitor start, permanent split-capacitor, two-value capacitor and shaded pole motors, comparison of performance, speed control and reversing of single-phase motors;

Fractional horse-power motors: Introduction to reluctance motors, repulsion motors, hysteresis motors, stepper motors, linear induction motors, universal motors, synchronous servo machines;


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  2. Irving & Kosow, Electrical Machinery & Transformer  
  3. I J Nagrath & D P Kothari, Electrical Machines


  1. Stephen J Chapman, Electric Machinery Fundamentals, Mc Graw-Hill
  2. A F Puchstein, Lyod & Conrad,Alternating Current Machinery
  3. H Cotton, Advanced Electrical Technology
  4. A S Langsdorf, Theory of Alternating Current Machinery
  5. P S Bhimbra, Theory of Electric Machine
  6. B L Theraja, Electrical Technology

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Course of Study

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