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EEEG 214

EEEG 214        ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING II                    3 Credits

Objective: To extend the treatment of electronics engineering covered in the earlier courses.


Feedback: Derivation of general expression; Effects of negative feedback; Methods of deriving and feeding; Typical circuits; Positive feedback; The condition for oscillation; The Barkhausen criterion; Simple LC and RC oscillator circuits

Oscillators and Waveform Generators: Sine wave oscillators; Practical consideration towards realization of sine wave oscillators; The phase shift oscillator; Wien bridge oscillator; General form of oscillator configuration; Amplitude stabilization; LC tuned oscillator-Colpitts and Hartley oscillator, crystal oscillator; Waveform generators- square wave generator, Schmitt trigger, triangular wave generator, saw tooth wave generator; Voltage controlled oscillator using IC566; Introduction to square wave

Nonlinear Analog Circuits: Logarithmic and exponential amplifier; Logarithmic multiplier;  Two and four quadrant multipliers; Phase locked loop; Precision rectification and precision clamp; Voltage to frequency and frequency to voltage conversion.

Logic Circuits: Simple circuits for logic gates, DTL, RTL, TTL; Characteristics of TTL and CMOS integrated circuit logic families; Typical circuits; Pull up/pull down resistors; Fan in and fan out.

Integrated Circuit Fabrication: Monolithic integrated circuit technology; The planar process; BJT, FET, CMOS, diode, resistor and capacitor fabrication; Characteristics of IC components, IC packaging; Microelectronic circuit layout.

Pulse Generation and Wave Shaping Circuits: Monostable, bistable, and astable multivibrators; The 555 timer integrated circuits; Derivation of delay and frequency formulae; Applications


  1. Jacob Millman and Arvin Grabel, Microelectronics, McGraw Hill
  2. Robert Boylestad and Louis Naskelski, Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory 6th Ed, PHI
  3. Mark N Horenstein, Microelectroinc Circuits & Devices 2nd Ed, PHI
  4. Gayakwad, OP Amp and Linear Integrated Circuits, TMH
  5. Schilling and Belove, Electronics Circuits, McGraw Hill Book Company

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Course of Study

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