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EEEG 213

EEEG 213            NETWORK ANALYSIS                        3 Credits

Objective: To understand the theory and techniques of analysis and synthesis of networks including passive and active filters.


Review of Classical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients: First Order differential equations of RL and RC circuits and time constant, general and particular solutions, initial conditions in L and C; Natural unforced responses of RL and RC circuits from initial conditions; Complete transient and steady state response of first order systems including initial conditions and applied forcing functions  

Complete Time Domain Response of Third and Higher Order Systems:  Initial conditions; Transient and steady state components of response; RLC resonance; Damping factors, high and low Q circuits.

Use of Laplace Transformation Techniques for Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients: Transient and steady state response of networks to step, ramp, impulse and sinusoidal forcing functions with and without initial conditions in L and C components; First order systems; Second and higher order systems; State-space forms of equations.Transfer functions, Poles and Zeros of Networks: Relationship between pole/zero locations and system time response.

One Port Passive Circuits: Properties of passive circuits, positive real functions; Properties of lossless circuits

Two-Port Parameters of Networks: Definitions of two-port networks, short circuit admittance parameters, open circuit impedance parameters, transmission parameters, hybrid parameters

Introduction to Filters: Frequency response and Bode plots, kinds of filters in terms of frequency response; electrical and electronic analog filters, filter design methods for analog filters.


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  3. R. Schaumann, M. S. Ghausi and K. R. Laker, Design of Analog Filter:  Passive, Active, RC and Switched – Capacitor, Prentice Hall 1990

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Course of Study

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