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Diwakar Bista

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Contact Details:

  • Kathmandu University, P.O. Box 6250, Kathmandu, Nepal. Phone: +977-11-661399 (Ext. 0820) / +977-9801199888

Educational Status:

  • Master’s of Science by Research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal, 2009 April
  • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, specialization in Power and Control, Kathmandu University, Nepal, 2005 August

Designation in KU/DoEEE:

  • Assistant Professor


  • Illumination and White Light Emitting Diode, Digital Circuit and Systems, Control System and Robotics


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Master’s Thesis:

  • “Electrical and photometric performance test mechanism for characterization of WLED and WLED luminaire," Kathmandu University, Nepal, 2009.

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Course of Study

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