Master in Land Administration

Land Administration is a discipline that integrates various land issues from different disciplines such as legal, social, economic, technical, planning, management etc. The strengthening of Land Administration system is at high agenda of Nepal government. The sufficient number of efficient land professionals is required in order to fulfill the mission. However, there exist major gaps in providing education in all other aspects of land Administration and management. Moreover in the scenario of federalism of the state, the country needs to develop strong land professionals. Similarly, in the implementation level of recently formulated land use policy it is very important to develop the land professionals.

This is the program of KU, School of Engineering in collaboration with KU, School of Arts and Nepal Government, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Land Management Training Center.

ME/MS in Geo-Informatics

The word Geo-informatics is formed by combining two words “Geo” meaning the Earth and “Informatics” meaning the of collecting, storing, retrieving, processing and presenting information. Hence, Geoinformatics is the science and technology that prepares and practices information science infrastructure to address the spatial problems of the Earth (or any other planet). It is a specialized discipline which is intended to prepare human resources for geo-spatial data collection and its management for creation of proper geospatial information. Though Geo-Informatics is relatively new discipline, it has tremendous applications in Nepal and aboard. Large number of development works are starting in the country: hydropower, transmission line, road, railroad planning and construction are few examples. Precision agriculture, forest monitoring and management, wildlife conservation and disaster management are some of the other prominent applications. Moreover, after the country adopted federalism; resource management, land management and mapping tasks have been divided among local, provincial and federal governments. Therefore, huge number of Geoinformatics professionals are required in the country.

To fulfill the demand of managerial level geo-spatial professionals in the country, Kathmandu University in collaboration with Land Management Training Centre (LMTC), Government of Nepal started ME/MS in Geoinformatics program to prepare such specialists in the country itself.

MS by Research

The M.S. by Research Program at the Department of Geomatics Engineering, Kathmandu University is a research intensive program primarily focused towards conducting active research in the several domains of Geomatics Engineering. The Program is distributed over the period of two years in which the students engage in finding solutions to research questions under the guidance of designated supervisors.