Kathmandu University Biotechnology Creatives (KUBiC) is a biotechnology students' academic club registered under Kathmandu University. KUBiC was established in 2004, aimed for the welfare of biotech students and society as a whole. The foundational motive is purely educational but areas of interest are varied. All students of biotechnology of KU are eligible to be the general members of the club.

KUBiC has been successfully performing different activities with the co-operation and dedication of biotech students, irrespective of its own field and has been working in other diverse fields, participating in number academic as we as non-academic activities.



The fundamental motive of KUBiC is purely educational but its areas of interest are varied. Biotechnology is an emerging field in Nepal and still unfortunately unknown to many people. KUBiC provides a platform for all biotechnology students from Kathmandu University to work in various fields for academic and societal cause. We believe that when we present ourselves as a group and work in a team, the benefits are more. KUBiC now leaps in the task of advertising and flourishing biotechnology in all possible ways, such as sports, interactive programs, exhibitions, rallies etc.